Monday, August 20, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays....

We've had way too many rainy days. And it's raining today--Monday and the first day of school.

And it poured yesterday during the kids' 5K. Here are some photos. 

 It was the Hearts for Heroes 5K so everyone wore a heart for a local military member killed in action. They handed them out, we didn't know them. Jasmine's had died one year and one day earlier.

It poured, then it drizzled, then it poured while we were waiting. We had 19 minutes of no rain just as the race started. Then it really poured.

But the race went on. Only about half of the registered runners showed up due to weather.
Tyler was the first in of our crew. 
 Kaleb came in second. He's not super fast, but he just keeps going. The others run-walk-run-walk but he just sets a pace and stays at it the whole race.

 Kayla came in next which surprised all of us. She's been last the other 5Ks. Maybe the rain motivated her. You can see how deep the water is around her feet.

 Jessica came in next.

And Jasmine was right behind her. It was pouring so hard by then that the umbrella was no longer keeping the camera dry, so I took these last two photos from in a tent.

 We stopped and got McDonalds on the way home. I had three coupons for buy one, get one free breakfast items so we had bacon, egg, cheese biscuits, biscuits and sausage gravy, and sausage McMuffins.

 Our air conditioning is out. Rick borrowed a one-room conditioner so various people have been sleeping all over the living room, because it's just too hot in the bedrooms.

 First day of school. Senior, sixth grader, two second graders.

She changed her necklace to match her shirt.

This morning was crazy. We decided to drive Jasmine in because she had a lot of supplies and I had to sign her PE waiver and needed to get the bus schedule for her transfer bus home. Normally we pick her up at the transfer point but we didn't know if Jessica would be out of her dentist appointment in time. So we needed the second bus number or she'd get to the stop and not know which of 8-10 buses to get on.

Jessica walked the twins to their bus stop first. It started pouring, but they hadn't taken jackets or umbrellas. They waited 15 minutes past time for the bus to come, then Jessica left the twins with a neighbor who was going to drive her son to school. He and Kaleb are in the same class this year. 

So we left late to take Jasmine. The rain was so bad that roads were flooded and everything was going so slowly that we were twenty late to the school. (And the line of cars stretched several blocks behind us.) Then they wouldn't let us carry the four packs of copy paper for Jasmine (over 10% of her weight), they said the PE waiver would come home at a later time and so would the bus numbers. Ummm, then how does she know what bus to ride home today? So we accomplished nothing there. If we'd just had her ride the bus to school (different buses than in the afternoon) she would have at least been on time.

After that, Jessica and I went to the church where they had a brunch for moms for the first day of school. I'd always assumed it was for the moms sending their children off for the first time, but I found out it wasn't, so we went.

We didn't get much accomplished beyond that and buying dog food. 

Now the twins are home, and we are still working on getting Jasmine's transportation worked out. Adam has not shown up so who knows where he is. Probably socializing and missed the bus.

Let's hope tomorrow morning goes a little more smoothly!

Did the rest of you get your children safely back to school? 


Rose Anne said...

Both of the kids in our house are going to be ahome this year- probably online! Saul atleast is with some christian studies added in..the school doesn't start here until the 5th of Sept any way!

Karen said...

Boy, you really have had the rain there! Ahhh, the first take of school. Organized mayhem! :)

Kathy C. said...

Have you home schooled before Rose Anne? We have an online school that is always an option but my kids are too social.

Yes, organized mayhem. I'm always thankful when they finally get the bus schedules worked out.