Friday, January 27, 2012


Here are some photos of Kaleb sent to us by the orphanage. Ignore the dates. The photos were all taken 2007-2009.

Kaleb is a fun loving little guy who would rather do sit down activities than those requiring physical exertion. But if you get him going, he does quite well at running, biking and other things. Kaleb is a good reader, but needs a little work on comprehension. He tested highest in his class on one of the recent reading evaluations.

We did not realize at first that Kaleb has almost no vision in his right eye. He was seeing everything through his left eye. Now he wears glasses and a patch. The vision has not improved in his right eye, but the eye is learning to work with the glasses to see much better.

When we first met Kaleb, he was quite delayed. Not unusual considering his life at the time, but he was a lot behind Kayla also. When he got home, he caught up in most areas. One problem was that Kayla was trying to be his mother, and I made him start dressing and feeding himself. He was four by then.

He really surprised me because I expected delays in learning math and reading, but he caught on quickly. Socially he still has a lot of catching up to do, but his teacher said that's true for many of the boys in the class. He has what the teacher calls a fun side and a dark side. We are hoping to see less and less of that dark side as time passes.

Kaleb is a great kid and easy to love. He is more the follower than the leader and more easy going than his twin. Before he'd do everything she said or chose to do, but now he's learned he can make choices too.

Kaleb is in tumbling once a week at the dance academy and will be in his first recital in May.

We are sure that Kaleb's love language is food. If that isn't one of the five, it should be!

Here is Kaleb reading.

Kaleb will be going to Teen Missions as a Peanut this year June 17-24. He will learn to mix concrete and pour sidewalks for the Covered Wagon Circle. Some of you will remember that Adam was on the team that built the covered wagons a few years ago. Kaleb will also do puppet skits, music and will learn Bible verses. This is not a church camp, this is a mission training camp. It can be tough. They have obstacle course, work projects and missions time. This age group does get to swim everyday, but showering and washing hair is done by bucket. They sleep in tents and eat in the chow hall. Sometimes they eat outside. It's a tough program, but builds character and friendships. Jasmine went three years of Mustard Seeds and one year of Preteen. Jessica went to two years of Peanuts, one year of preteens and lead a preteen team last summer. Adam and Jeff went as Peanuts and preteens and Adam as a teen. So the kids know what to expect.

If you want to help Kaleb raise his $300 please use the donate button to the right. Neither twin has any donations so far.

Here are some more recent photos.

Please leave a comment for Kaleb. I will read all of them to him, although he does a good job of reading for himself!


Rose Anne said...

I so remember seeing Pic of your 2, from theO. I just wish I had the funds to send for them both!
Kaleb is growing so much and I know that he makes God smile!
Rose Anne

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Awww.....Love all of your pics!!!

Way to go Kaleb!!!! Catching up is sometimes so hard. Glad you are doing so well!

Pray that you will continue to broaden your fun side and show us all who God designed you to be for HIM! So excited you get to go to a missions training- sounds like awesome work!

kayder1996 said...

Hi, Kaleb! My little boy, Kenson, was in Port Au Prince with you but he is younger than you and was in a different room. I went to Haiti with your mom and Jessica on their first trip. I really like hearing how much you are growing up and how you are learning so many new things.

Sarah said...

Kaleb- You are an incredible reader!! Reading is such a powerful gift, one that will serve you very well in life! Keep up the great work!

Felicia said...

I love the baby pictures. Such a cutie. You are such a great reader, continue your hard work and you will go far.