Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Better Beans!

Thought I'd report back about the beans in case anyone checked to see how it went. So this time I did it partly my own way. The first time I wanted to follow the directions pretty much as they were to see how it turned out. Normally I do soak the beans overnight or at least a few hours like a couple of you suggested. So that's what I did this time. I soaked them about five hours before I cooked them. I cooked them a lot longer too. Then I double and tripled the amounts of onion, green pepper, shallot, garlic cloves and tomato paste. But I think the best improvement was I added three tablespoons of chicken bullion. That perked it right up! I'd seen a totally different bean recipe that had bullion and though I'd try it. It made a big difference. These beans were really good.

Anyone have a bean recipe or a Creole recipe they want to share? Just post it as a comment. Have you noticed that the Haitian Creole recipes normally have ten or more ingredients? The bean one had about the fewest ingredients of any in the book. I'd like to try the pumpkin soup or chicken creole but it's intimidating just reading the ingredient list!


Karen said...

Kathy, I love red beans and rice. I always soak them, then add a ham bone or ham hock to cook them a couple of hours with onion, garlic-lots, bay leaf, tobasco, cayenne, black pepper and water and/or broth. No salt until almost done (makes'em tough. And take out bay leaf before eating.) If I have extra ham and/or sausage, I add that the last 30 minutes.

Whew, this is a long comment...:)

Lisa said...

Glad it was better this time! I like the boullion idea - adds salt and lots of flavor. I also like Karen's idea with the ham bone, which would also add a good flavor.