Monday, January 9, 2012

Boring Beans

I decided to make red beans and sauce from a recipe in a Haitian creole cook book. They were VERY bland and boring. Here's how it went. I started with dry beans. It said to cook them an hour in six cups of water. In an hour, they weren't cooked and the water was gone. I added more water and cooked them longer.

While the beans were cooking I diced pepper.

And garlic.

And shallots.

And onion.

And cooked them in oil. The recipe only called for small amounts of each--1/4 green pepper. 3 garlic cloves, 1 shallot, 1/2 onion.

Then I added tomato paste. It called for one tablespoon, but I added two.

This was supposed to be added to the beans, and simmered for 30 minutes or until the liquid thickened. I had no liquid again, so I added more water. And thyme and the tomato paste stuff. When it was done cooking and we tested it, it tasted just like plain beans! So I added salt and pepper, and more pepper, and even some garlic pepper, but no matter what I did, the beans were bland and boring. Since I have lots of the ingredients left, I'm going to try it again today doubling the amount of pepper, onion, shallot and garlic. But I don't have high hopes. Any suggestions?

Jessica brought me these chocolate covered strawberries last night as a late birthday present.

And also three butterscotch haystacks which we split among us. Those are definitely NOT boring!


Julie said...

I usually soak my beans overnight and would at least double your spices or even more if you like flavorful food. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Dry beans have to be re-hydrated before they're cooked - so I'd also soak them for a day in lots of water. I'd also probably add lots of salt too - anytime we've made beans, they've been bland. I think in Haiti they have some sort of special spice that makes them not bland.

...or the other option - which sounds much better - stick with the covered strawberries and haystacks! :)