Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Three Kings Day

This is the first year I've had someone not put their shoe out. He was mad at me all day--mad at me because he ate his lunch (all except the apple) on the bus on the way to school in the morning and the school didn't let him charge a lunch. Hard to say you didn't have a lunch when you have a twin setting there with a very full lunch bag. (I give them plenty so there's never a question about them being fed--past experience with other children!) So he gets a bag stapled shut from now on too.

Then he didn't want to correct his math test so kept hiding it in the classroom, but the teacher kept putting it back in his folder. So he wasn't getting his way at all at school and came home in a very stubborn mood about it all. He finally "showed me" by refusing to do the math (his teacher said he won't get fun Friday) and not putting his shoe out. Yep. Mean mommy. I didn't put anything out for him. It was only a box of candy and dollar toy. He had a chance to fix his behavior and then I told him "I accept your choice." And that was that. I just don't play the games anymore. Too many issues to play their games.

And I don't make a child participate in the fun activities. We just added this tradition for fun. We saw that the kids in Mexico do this so we just decided to do it-our own way. We read about the three kings finding baby Jesus, have monkey bread, oranges and eggs and that's it.

The kids just take it as a fun thing, and it's one more chance to remember Jesus' birth. I meant to leave the nativity out and move the wisemen into the stable today like someone last year said they do and between then and now, I totally forgot about it. What can I say? I'll be 50 tomorrow! My mom turned 80 yesterday and I meant to post about that but it was a very "interesting" day as you may guess!

This is me sitting on my mom's lap. This was a few years ago!

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Rose Anne said...

Happy Birthday Kathy! Blessings and Prayers on your Day!!!!