Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hanging Out

Jessica, Jasmine and I went to We Bought a Zoo. It was a good movie but I won't allow the twins to see it now that I've previewed it because there is way too much language, and they like to repeat anything they hear. The boy and his father use d--- at each other and the boy yells b--- s--- at his dad. There are other random swear words in it. It's too bad because it would be a really good family movie otherwise, about equal with Dolphin Tale. (I just realized that I mentioned this in a previous post but I guess it bears repeating if anyone is thinking of going to this movie)

On New Year's Eve we lit sparklers to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world. We usually do this Christmas Eve but behaviors didn't allow for it at that time. We had some other little fireworks that Tyler set off for us. Adam and Jessica were at work.

Then several of them played Scene It. Adam was home by then, but Jessica didn't get home until 11:40pm. We save her snacks and some fireworks. The crowns are from English holiday crackers. Not food crackers, but popper where you pull on each end and they open with a bang. They have a junky plastic toy, jokes and a crown in them. You can get much more expensive ones with better toys but these were all we could get without journeying back to England. We used to do them there.

On New Year's Day we just hung out and played. Jessica worked again but not until 6 so we had time together.

Jessica, Jasmine and I built a train we got half price. I haven't done the gingerbread projects before, but she was getting very frustrated with one train car that kept falling apart, so I volunteered to do that one.

All done! We all look a little worse for wear! It's been a somewhat trying vacation with the twins' behaviors. It seems they intentionally sabotage all the fun times, even when they appear to be having fun. Who knows what goes through their minds?

This was Caspian's first Christmas and New Year, and he's enjoying the extra attention. Jessica declared January 1 his birthday since we aren't quite sure when it is, but within a few weeks either direction of New Year. So he is officially one now. And I'm paying for obedience school as a birthday present!!

Today Rick and Tyler drove all the way to Ty's college to find out that the dorms don't open until the 7th even though the website lists the 2nd. So that was a six hour round trip for nothing. Oh well. Could have been worse. Another student was there who'd driven herself 6 1/2 hours to get there and find the dorms closed!

Adam, Jasmine and the twins go back to school tomorrow. Ty and Jessica both start Monday. Both need to meet with advisors to work out kinks in their schedules.

Hope you all had a good start to 2012.


Felicia said...

Looks like you had fun and challenges. Quite similar to our holiday! Those gingerbread projects can be challenging that is why we typically don't do them.

Kathy C. said...

THey are mostly precut now and you just have to get the pieces to stick together with the frosting. One train car was determined not to stay together!