Monday, January 16, 2012

Home Again

Jessica and I picked Jasmine up from school Friday and headed down to Orlando arriving late Friday night. Rick brought the twins and Adam when he got off of work. They made it most of the way to Orlando and met us at our hotel the next morning. We got into the park first because J & J and I already had our tickets because we went in November. The others had to cash in the passes I'd bought them.

Tigger and Pooh were right inside Magic Kingdom.

The girls are warming up with Tigger, but we were supposed to be getting our picture taken.

And there it is.

In front of the castle.

Getting ready to go on Space Mountain. This is where the other group caught up with us. I wasn't sure about the twins going on it because it's wilder than ever since the renovation. Space Mountain on steroids. But they were with Rick and he put them on it : ) They did fine and even when on it again later. I guess I worry about whether kids are emotionally ready for something, not just tall enough.

People mover

Adam pretty in pink

All the goofies


Trying Coke products from others countries.

Decided to try them all.

Italy was not Adam's favorite!

The girls and I went back to our hotel and did our devo book.

Devos are much more hilarious after midnight!

So that was our first day!

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