Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Firstborn is 21 part 2

My son the ham. Thankfully this is the only drink he wanted for his 21st brithday. He's a good kid. Thank you Jesus.

Twenty-one looks younger and younger!

He was tossed up between this cake and a cake with Woody from Toy Story : )

The three littles each kicked in $4 to get him a mug with some photos of fun times for him to take to college.

Toaster from Grandma Sims for his college room.

Check from Grandpa and Grandma Cassel. I think he already has plans for it : )

Aunt Lou got him this blanket, a sheet set, a pillow and this bin for his college dorm room.

We told him this birthday would be stuff he needed for college so imagine his surprise when he pulled a towel set out of the waste basket and found a Nintendo 3 DS.

From Uncle Ken

From Adam


Lisa said...

Looks like a great day Kathy! Happy 21st birthday Tyler!

Felicia said...

Happy Birthday! They grow up so quickly.

Hevel said...

Mazel tov! 21 is such a great age! (especially if one is sober through that year.)