Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Girls

Updates from the girls' mission team are few and far between now due to lack of Internet. In fact, there has only been only one update since they arrived in Arizona two weeks ago. It was called in by a leader:

The team has been busy digging a lot of water lines. They are working on getting connectors and have found the leaks. However, they cannot do anything else until the septic tank is pumped. They have found the lines and made a map.

The team has also started on the porches in front of the doors. They are digging foundations for the porches. They plan on pouring a porch by a side-door tomorrow. It will be an 8X8 pad with a covered entryway. The kids are hard workers!

The weather has been rainy which is unusual this time of the year. They are also experiencing some dust storms which blow the tents around. Last night, the team was treated to Navajo tacos provided by the missionary.

Next week the team will be helping run a neighborhood VBS for three afternoons. They are planning on going to the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert next Thursday. One highlight was Bessie’s (who lives next door to the church) son-in-law taught the team how to lasso a pole. They really enjoyed that. Please continue to pray for us!

The team will leave AZ on August 1 and should arrive back at Merritt Island on the 3rd.

In other girl news, I am working on getting Jessica's scholarship reinstated in time for the fall semester but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. We'll have to pay up front but then can get it back if the scholarship goes through. The GPA is close. One teacher turned in a wrong grade and has promised to fix it. Hopefully that will give her the .1 she is short. All of this came up very recently so Jessica does not even know about the issues yet.

Jasmine has been offered a place at the charter school we applied for. She was 19 on the list a few weeks ago so some people must have dropped off or previous students moved or changed schools. This school will be challenging for her, but it has higher standards for behavior and that will be a really good thing in two years when she goes into middle school. Many students from our church attend this school and some of the teachers are from our church. Several of the dance students attend this school too so Jasmine will know lots of other students when she starts.

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