Sunday, July 3, 2011

More From Teen Missions

Jessica is to the right ready to get the piggy award for her team for the third day in a row. Miss Piggy judges each campsite and one team a day gets the piggy award and has to wear piggy signs all day the next day.

Jasmine in evening rally in the same green PJ bottoms she's been wearing for four days. Someone please make her change!! Honest, I sent at least 7 pairs of light weight pants!

Different day. Same PJ bottoms. They must be allowed to wear them because I see a lot of them in the pictures. Notice the piggy sign they are all wearing.

6 a.m. ready to run the obstacle course. She's wearing different PJ bottoms (notice how many kids have on PJ bottoms) but she's back in the green ones in pictures later this day.

Videos of the girls (I hope--if all goes well)

If the links don't work, got to Teen Missions on facebook and click "like." Then look for preteen pictures and videos.

Jasmine is in the middle of the second row in green PJ bottoms and a bright blue shirt. PJ bottoms seem to be popular but she's been wearing these FOUR days now. Someone please make her change! Jessica's in the back.


Same green PJ bottoms. Jessica's in the back.


Jasmine is so close. If she would have done a running start she would have had it. Look how high she jumps up the rope!!! (In PJ pants of course!)

Here they are getting the piggy award. The lady says the campsight were about equal so she judged it on other areas and J&Js team had left a water bottle and poncho out. I bet they were Jasmine's!!

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