Friday, July 15, 2011


In Centennial Olympic Park. When we walked through it this morning I saw an African American gentlemen-not sure of age but looked like he'd had a hard life-reading what looked like part of a Bible to a lady.

I'd been given a Bible at ICRS the day before but had unloaded it in my room. I wished I'd still had it in my bag to give him. When I got to the convention center, I passed the Bible booth again and told the man there about the guy in the park and that I wished I'd had the Bible with me. He gave me two more and told me maybe I'd have God moment where I could give someone one.

Well, when I walked back to the hotel hours later the guys wasn't there. I walked the same route the next day and there he was reading the Bible alone and I had the new one with me. So I approached him and told him briefly who I was and how I got the Bible I was holding and I gave it to him. I also saw that what he had was a paper cover New Testament that was warped like it had gotten wet. The lady-who he told me was his wife-wasn't with him.

I wish I could have read his mind. I hope he didn't think that I thought his New Testament wasn't good enough. And I'd told him the one I was giving him was a new easy to read translation and I hope he didn't think I was questioning his ability to read or that I was from some new sect that was giving out phony Bibles. Guess I'll never know what he thought. Don't know his name or anything about him either. If we had one more day I would have walked by the next morning to see if he was there reading the new Bible.

This is Katara, the editor for my girl's devotion book which comes out Oct 1. She is awesome to work with.

Eve Marie Everson has a variety of books to her credit.

I know Nancy Rue for her preteen books, but I guess she writes adult ones too.

These are the Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous guys.

These are some of the actors from Courageous.

I can't wait until the movie comes out Sept 1. I have a really neat story to tell you about some of the guys in the movie. The story is pretty unbelievable when you see the film, but it's true. It wouldn't mean much now so I'll post it closer to Sept 30 when it's in theaters.

I was sure I had kleenex in my pocket for the Courageous premiere but I didn't. Anyone know how to get eye shadow off of a white hoodie sleeve????

I talked to a lot more wonderful people today but didn't think to take pictures!! We talked to Nicole C. Mullins for a while and walked away never thinking to take pictures! That happened with several people throughout the day.

I'll post the rest of the pictures tomorrow and then give updates on the girls.

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