Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This was a three day weekend. Saturday morning Adam and I met with his counselor and came to some agreements about the recent issues. While we were doing this, Jessica was trying out for the police explorer's swat team. Both the older ones worked on Saturday.

Rick took the twins and Jasmine to see Toy Story 3. They had seen it before, but he hadn't. The twins choose to be rude, yell for more popcorn, say rude things under their breath, stick out their tongues and all sorts of unacceptable behavior that we've been seeing lately. So after a nap, we practiced how we should act at the theater. We also stated again that ugly talk and actions will NOT be rewarded by getting to go anywhere. The behavior continued to the point where one twin was finally sent to bed right after supper.

It's still in the 80s, but I'm not expecting that to last much longer.

I'm thankful for healthy kids who can climb.

Sisters. They have been cooking up a cool plan and will be sharing it soon. Until then, it remains a secret.

It was beautiful weather but not everyone came with us. Ty had to work, the others were involved in things at home.

Jessica was trying to read a very boring essay at the beach.

You'd never know the twins hadn't been "beach bums" all their lives.

So much for the essay. Chasing younger siblings with water is much better.

More interesting for them too.

Rick took Kaleb and Jasmine to the park.

Adam supervised biking. Even during this time there were nasty little comments whispered under the breath and constant tongue sticking out. It's minor, but it's rude and everyone understands it won't be accepted. So one sat time out and then finally was removed from the fun for the rest of the time. It's sad because there was nothing going on that brought on the behavior. Everyone was having fun together.

Watching movies.
The older two had school Monday so we mostly stayed around home. Max was missing for five days and then showed up hurt so he's been hanging out under my bed the past couple of days.
Today everyone is back to school. We have a post op appt and check for the next surgery (5 hrs each way), the citizenship paper pick up (another five hours each way), a college visit, field trips to the fire station and fall festival all coming up in the next few weeks. Jessica will find out if she made Swat on Thursday. She's okay with it either way.


One Crowded House said...

That beach is beautiful... My kids would be in heaven!

Kathy C. said...

It's fun because they can climb on the jetties or swim. But it's quite a ways and also $8 because it's a state park.

Felicia said...

I noticed the coordinated maroon shirts. Gamecock colors!