Friday, October 22, 2010

Too Much? part 2

Jessica started Swat and honor guard last night, and she loves it. She gets all her equipment next week. No pictures yet.

Adam has both twins riding without training wheels. He tried to take them on a longer ride to feed some goats (yes, in the city),but Kaleb decided he was done riding and would not get back on his bike. He threw his bike in a ditch and sat down in the road right in front of a car!!! Kaleb is not allowed to leave our little street anymore so can't ride when they go to the store or goats.
You'd think Adam was genetically related to us with his peanut butter addiction.
Adam is at a new, small school this year.
He is not totally excited about it because of its small size and because all the work is by computer. There aren't any sports so we are looking at different options for him.

Mmm. Alfredo and noodles. Um, no, my children don't normally eat at the counter but he was late.

We are working to get everything set up for Jasmine's third surgery of the year!
This is the tough one--redoing the neck surgery that failed last time. She has a lot of extra skin on the sides of her neck that looks like webbing. The last surgery resulted in huge scars on the back of her neck but the skin pulled back into the webs.
This time they are going to put a skin expander in, but it has to be tightened each week. We cannot make a ten hour round trip weekly, so we have to find someone local who is willing to do the weekly adjustment for three months. Then she'll undergo another surgery to have it out.
Hopefully these surgeries will be Christmas break and spring break so she won't miss a lot of school. She will miss days for the follow ups though.
From the first surgery until she heals completely from the second surgery, Jasmine will have limited activities. No sports. But she can stay in dance as long as it's ballet, tap or jazz not hip hop or tumbling.
Jasmine has a half hour tap class on Wed and a 45 minutes ballet/jazz class on Thurs. But the ballet/jazz doesn't have enough people so she will probably be switching to an hour jazz class on Wed instead. That runs us really close to church choir. Normally the time between tap and choir is our time together (we eat fast food and talk), but we are going to lose that with the change in dance class. She'll only have 15 minutes to change, eat and get to the church from dance.

Jasmine is in softball now. There are practices on Mon and Thurs, two games on Tuesdays and a two-hour game on Friday. I didn't realize how much time was involved on school nights when I signed her up! I thought it would be like soccer where there were two practices during the week and a game on Saturday mornings. I haven't gotten to see many of her games due to schedules here and the twins. I need to make sure I get to her games next week. The twins really act up during her games, so I need to have a plan in mind. Rick is at all her practices and games so it's not like no one is there. I think we will all go next week. I may need to pry some people about from the Wii, homework etc.

Jasmine has been trying to teach herself some tricks on her skateboard.

Way too much time is spent on math homework! Florida has some ridiculously high standards and even the teachers are complaining about the new standards and text books. She is doing pre algebra work in 4th grade!
Okay, enough for today. I'll cover the twins in the next post!


Bill and Christina said...

Busy, Busy and you love every minute of it I am sure:)

Felicia said...

I struggle with all the activites on school nights. Of course my own schooling doesn't help at all.

I hope that Jasmine has better results from her next surgery. To have to go through it again has to be so frustrating.

Kathy C. said...

Christina--I'd be lost without the busyness.

F--frustrated because it was so painful for her for many months--not to mention trying to get Tricare approval.