Saturday, October 23, 2010

Too Much? part 3

I started this post three days ago to tell about the different choices and decisions that need to be made for or by each child. It's taken three days to do that.

Yesterday Tyler, Jessica and I early voted. It was Jessica's first time. Here she is after voting!

My three Haitian sensations

Jeff is almost done with his school work. He just has some history and geometry to finish, and he'll be done. When that is depends on his motivation and willingness to push through.

Jeff had his heart set on the marines, but not all schools are created equally and his school falls in a category that is not accepted by the marines. He would have to have some college credits to give him enough credits or the right kind of credits. The thing is, they gave him kind of a pre test for the marines and he did beautifully. But that doesn't really matter since he doesn't have the credits he needs. So he is looking at the army. We need to find a time to pick him up and take him to talk to a recruiter, take the test etc. It would help to know when he'll actually finish his school work. He was hoping by Christmas, but math is not his strong point. One thing is, we have no proof of his citizenship, so I hope they are willing to help him get it because they can probably get around all the paperwork and fees.

Kaleb has almost perfect vision in his left eye and very reduced vision in his right eye. It's -5.75 in
fact. Mine is -1.75 and my distance vision seems horrible to me. With such a huge discrepancy between eyes, it's possible he had some sort of injury to the eye somewhere along the line.

He tried on glasses yesterday. These are not the ones we ordered because these were too big. I'll take pictures when they arrive in a couple of weeks.

I went ahead and ordered glasses for me. Both of my pairs are extremely scratched, and I probably don't want to know how that happened, because I keep them in cases. I also ordered new prescription sunglasses since I've been wearing mine many years and the script is old. I'll wear them for the beach/jet skiing though in case I lose them. And I got Jessica and I prescription racquetball goggles so we can actually see the ball. I am now $518 poorer.

Kaleb did a good job of cooperating and waiting while I picked out my two pairs of glasses and racquetball goggles.

Kaleb can identify 12 letters and the sounds for 9 letters. He can identify numbers to 10. Kayla can only identify O and no numbers! No clue what is going on with her. She is receiving extra help at school now and can do a few sounds but still cannot say the names of the letters. She has to identify 24 of 26 letters and sounds plus blend three letter words to pass to first. If in doubt, I will retain her because there is a BIG discrepancy between what they have to know to pass to first grade and what they actually start with the first week of first grade. I can't believe that kindergarten is doing math story problems already. And don't get me started on the fourth grade math!!!!

The big thing with the twins right now is trying to find out if a certificate of citizenship was actually issued (it will be under their old names unfortunately) and getting the domestication of foreign adoption request written and submitted (there is no prewritten FL form for this) with the fees and enough paperwork.

Anyway, so the past three days have been a bit of a run down of decisions and issues we are dealing with. Some of it is a matter of the child themselves making the best choices and others are things we have to help them decide, paperwork we need to do etc.

Now on to the fun of the season.

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