Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Past and Present

1991 Okinawa, Japan

1992 South Dakota

1993 South Dakota

South Dakota

South Dakota

1996 Alconbury Village, England

1997 Mildenhall (?)England

1998 Lakenheath, England

Jeff's first halloween

1999 Valdosta, GA

2000 GA

2001 GA Look how little Jasmine is

2002 GA

2003 FL

2004 FL

2005 FL

2006 FL

2008 FL


Kayla's art work
The twins made special treats and had a pumpkin parade at school.

Jasmine and Kaleb went to a festival at a small church our neighbor pastors. The reason Kayla is not in this picture goes back to how she acts for Rick. He took the three little ones to the park yesterday afternoon. The ice cream truck was there, and Kayla wanted ice cream. Rick said no. She waits until she gets near a whole group of moms and then starts screaming "I want ice cream" and being really rude to him. She lost the festival because he was the one taking them and if she can't behave for him, she doesn't go.
I would love to say that the festival went really well but if you look at Kaleb's face in this photo, you'll have a better idea. Something set him off and he turned into a monster. Rick tried to help him put his shoes on after the bouncy castle and Kaleb started yelling at him. Rick bent down to talk quietly to him and Kaleb started screaming, "You get out of my face" over and over. The pastor, our neighbor, saw this and told Kaleb, "That is not how you talk to your dad" and that didn't even phase Kaleb. Rick left Jasmine and brought Kaleb home. I put him straight to bed.

We will be skipping any further holiday celebrations that involve mingling in a crowd or getting treats from other people. The twins also understand that if they cannot be respectful with Rick, they will be missing out on a lot in general. That will include spring sports because he will volunteer to help with their teams to monitor bonding issues so if they think it's okay to scream at him, they won't be playing.

Doesn't Jasmine make a sweet princess? Or maybe it's a queen.

In other news, we changed Jasmine's dance schedule to drop the Thursday class so she has tap 4:00-4:30 on Wed and then jazz 4:30-5:30. She likes this class much better. But we only have 15 minutes between jazz and church choir! I went and got her a kid's meal during her class. We pulled her GA shirt on right over her jazz pants and made it to church right on time! They are busy practicing for the children's Christmas program. That time is right around the corner. (So why is it still 85 degrees out????)


Felicia said...

Looks like you have two challenges on your hands. Are they used to having only female caretakers so see no value in a man?

Felicia said...

Are you scanning your old photos into your computer yourself or have you paid for a service to do that? I need to get some old photos scanned but don't have the time.

Kathy C. said...

Rick scanned them in but they were small and that's why there's the white around the edges that I don't care for.

The nannies were all female. There were a few guys around like the man who was in charge so they knew a male in was charge of it all but I don't know how much they interacted with him.

Karen said...

Cathy a great group of Halloween pictures. Sorry about the continued struggle with the twins. Maybe they just take longer to learn? Blessings**