Thursday, October 21, 2010

Too Much?

Sometimes it seems like there is too much going on--too many appointments, too many things needing solutions and so on. I think every parents finds this at times. I was going to say any big family, but I don't really consider us a big family. And also my children are quite spread out in age now. The top four are close--20, 19, 17 and 15 but then we drop down to 9 and then 5.

But there are decisions to be made or appointments coming up for each child I think.

Tyler is looking at a four year college for next year but he needs to work on his GPA to be able to get in. There is always one class that trips him up. Part of that is due to his aspergers which affects his coping skills.

He and Jessica visited UWF last week, but he was not as thrilled as I'd hoped. Jessica said one of people who showed them around wasn't enthusiastic at all and didn't seem to want to be playing tour guide. I'm sure someone with more enthusiasm would have made a difference. Ty also doesn't want to leave home, but I think once he gets settled, he'll enjoy the freedom.

Another problem is that a sibling used his computer to access trash online, and there were viruses in it, and Ty's hard drive is fried. He is using my notebook for now, but a bunch of his classwork is unretrievable from his old computer. The sibling is doing Ty's jobs at home for a very long time to pay for a new computer, but that's not the same as providing the cash for the computer, and it doesn't help with the lost school work problem. Ty knows to back his stuff up, but he hadn't recently when this happened.

Tyler doesn't get home on the trolley until 7:20 on M & W so I usually meet the trolley since it's already dark and it's a mile walk home. Yesterday he bounced off the trolley and dropped his backpacks (I can tell when he's in super hyper mode and his meds have worn off!) and then ran back up the stairs. He'd gone back to help a mom carry a heavy stroller and child down the trolley steps and safely off.

Jessica is struggling with college algebra. I am no help in grafting circles or any thing like that. Psychology is also giving her fits, while Ty who has the same class and teacher but a different day is doing fine in that class. She is doing the best in understanding theater of all things! She also has environmental science and English comp. Ty has writing for mass comunication which seems to be his strongest class, principles of graphic design, psychology, western civilization and digital media.

Jessica has church orchestra on Wed and Sunday. Thursdays are her tough day. She takes the trolley from school right to tumbling. That is followed by Swat, honor guard and police explorers. In fact, she's going to have to start leaving tumbling 15 minutes early to make swat in time. She works Fri, Sat and sometimes Tues. She is having to learn to juggle her homework around her activities and is finding she doesn't have as much time for her newest hobby--sewing--as she'd like. She bought a new sewing machine a couple of weeks ago, but has only used it twice.

Jessica is trying to get all her references together for leadership training for TMI to lead the preteen team this summer. She goes to Atlanta for four days in January for training.

That's what's going on with the oldest two. I'll continue with the others in another post.


Christine said...

Wow-- thanks for giving me a glimpse into the future as my kids get older. Busy busy busy!

One Crowded House said...

you ARE busy!!!!

Bill and Christina said...

Wow! Busy!