Monday, October 4, 2010

The Weekend

Kaleb sports his new look after having his eyes dialted. He has serious nearsideness in his right eye and astigmatism in both eyes. He also has some movement in the right eye so they are sending him to a specialist to have checked out.

The child can only identify four letters but here is his reading assignment for kindergarten.

Jasmine has taken to the skateboard lately.

Some of Adam's behavioral issues have cleared up with him being in the smaller more supervised school setting. So I asked him if he wanted to try the 3/4 mile swim. Swimming is not his strong point, although he's had lessons. He'd rather hold his head up than breathe even though I've explained it's much easier to let the water hold the weight of his head.
The reason for the swimming is that we've talked about him doing a triathlon and swimming is part of it.

They were shuttled to a small island to begin their swim.
This was 7 a.m. Jessica and I quickly made a chick fil a run.

"If he drowns, can I have his chicken biscuit?"

Drop that head and get a move on!

Almost there.

Last, but he made it.

Later Saturday...

The slide is going on.

Only the rock wall left to do and some of the hardware was missing. It's been a long project due to Jessica's school/work/extracurriculars.

After church Sunday. (We do activities on Sundays if they are family activities)
Jessica is the one who takes the jet ski to and from the dock.

Ty's not overdressed for the bay, he has to leave for work as soon as his food's done.

I'd say the marshmallows are done.



filling the tank

Kayla goes out by herself!

She was the only one of the little three brave enough to do this.

So, where's Adam? Well, I dropped him about 1/4 mile out. He swam in, then rode 12 miles on his bike and then jogged three. That's the triathlon distances are in two weeks. I asked him how he felt about earning a privilege and he said, "You consider letting me torture myself a privilege?" Hmmm. I guess if it's not a cell phone or game boy, it's not a privilege.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Looks fun.

Felicia said...

Looks like glasses are in Kaleb's future. Make sure you buy them from a place that gives free replacements for a year! My son Jason went through a lot of glasses his first year. As long as we could find a piece they were replaced.....any many time all we could find was a piece! Do you think his eyesight could be contributing to any of his school problems?

Great job to Jessica on the play structure. Where did you get it from? I am trying to decide on a swing set for my kids right now, can't decide if I want to buy a kit again or design and build my own. My kids must be rough, they have demolished two wooden sets already.

Kathy C. said...

We got it from Lowe's. Walmart has a similiar one for $499 and we paide much more than that but we hope it's more durable and we can add on pieces. We don't actually have the part with the swings yet--only the large tower, 10" slide and rock wall (still to be built).