Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ordinary Days

Jasmine is ready for softball. This unfortunately did not turn out to be a very good program. There were not enough girls so too many ages are together.

The girls hang together to support Jasmine.

No more balls to the nose.

It is dark by time they play so I'm not able to get good pictures.

They are not doing team pictures : (

There is just way too much drama on this team. During the game, two pitchers got mad at each other and the catcher. One pitcher was moved to first base. The pitcher, catcher and first baseman refused to throw to each other or cooperate. So the other team was getting one run after another while the drama went on. We got slaughtered. These were all 11-year-olds who would have been an age group ahead of Jasmine and a few of the others girls if there had been enough girls.

I think we will stick with soccer in the fall and softball in the spring when there are more girls. Then the age groups will be correct. Unfortunately, it'll be fall '12 before Jasmine can play due to her surgeries coming up in Dec. and Mar.

Ready for tap and jazz.

The girls have a lot of fun in the tap & jazz class.

Tyler has a popcorn overdose!

Jessica and Jasmine are going on a Teen Missions International team to a reservation in AZ this summer. Jasmine is a preteen team member and Jessica is a leader for her team. (Only way I could let them go : ) ) TMI requires that they each have at least 16 prayer partners who will pray for them each day. You can commit to praying for one or both of them June 26-Aug 7, leave me a comment if you want to be a prayer partner. I have to submit a list now, but I'll post reminders later.


One Crowded House said...

drama during sports- NOT cool....

Karen said...

Kathy, count me in as a prayer partner. I love supporting youth. Just remind me, ok?

Felicia said...

I can be a prayer partner, remind me too. Our youth group in San Antonio went to AZ for their summer mission trip. They really had a good experience.