Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blah Week

Jasmine has had allergy issues this week but on Thursday she was running a temp of 102.7 and it remained there the rest of the week. Right now she's at a Saturday clinic with Rick and it will probably take all afternoon to be seen but we can't risk her missing more school. She has her six week surgery follow up at Shands Tues so that's three days almost in a row.

Since Jasmine was sick, I was not able to go with Tyler and Jessica to visit UWF. It's quite a ways, but Jessica went ahead and drove it without me. Doesn't Tyler look thrilled about the info? They didn't take many pictures, so we'll do that at a later time. Tyler will probably transfer here next fall, so we'll be going back again in the spring. There are a few issues to work out before he can transfer.

I am having a book give away for my new book on my girl's blog. Just make a penguin, and get your book (girls 5-8). More info HERE.

All the kindergarten classes are going to the fire station next week. Kaleb's class goes Monday and Kayla's Tuesday. It will be 75-100 children at a time. Due to Kaleb's refusal to stay with his teacher at school, walk in line, come when called etc. it has been decided that he will not go. When his class leaves, he will go to Kayla's class for centers. Her teacher is used to the behavioral quirks so should be able to handle him. It's kind of sad, but maybe he will realize that his behaviors do have consequences. They have a little fall parade coming up and hopefully missing this will be an incentive for him to stay with his class and not run off and hide during the parade. He is doing amazingly well learning his letters/sounds/numbers etc. Kayla has started special tutoring to see if she can start learning them.
Anyway, a pretty blah week here with Jasmine being sick and we are just here at home this weekend.


Karen said...

So sorry Jasmine is sick. Hope she gets better quick and everyone else stays well. Hope Jessica finds out some good stuff. I know you all were looking forward to that. Sorry...

Bill and Christina said...

Feel better Jasmine!

One Crowded House said...

so sorry your sweet girl is sick! Hope she feels better soon!