Monday, September 13, 2010

The Weekend

If you remember the hair woes from last post, this is the next morning. We decided to go with free hair today and then into pony tails for the week.

After church, we were off to the bay. Ty was proving he could get into the tree even though there weren't any low branches.

Jessica pulls the jet ski around from the lauch.

There were loads of baby crabs by the water.

And lots of cool shells but we didn't take any because they were inhabited.

Ty decided to fish. He usually throws back what he catches.

Free hair and the bay don't mix well.

Done just right.

I didn't have anything planned for supper so I threw together the half bags of veggies in the fridge with a half bag of leftover noodles and a couple of chicken breasts. I called it chicken noodle soup and they believed me : )


Lisa said...

Jasmine is beautiful in that first photo - she looks quite a bit older too. Pretty dress, necklace, hair, and smile. :)

The free hair at the beach isn's so bad.

And that does look like chicken noodle soup - could've fooled me!

Looks like it was a fun day. It's fall here in Iowa, and I'm already sad to be saying goodbye to the warm weather.

Tracy said...

That chicken noodle soup looks delicious, actually! :)

Karen said...

What an adventure your family always has! Hey, looks like chicken soup to me.

Kathy C. said...

Lisa-I'm hoping for another month or so of beach weather. But the constant hot, hot weather is getting old.

Tracy and Karen-My mom always did the whole homemade chicken noodle soup where you cook the whole chicken, debone it, roll noodles etc. and cook it all day.

This is left over veggies thrown together with bullion and a couple of chicken breasts : ) Don't know that I'd have patience to roll noodles....

Anna Sams said...

Kathy.... I just love your site! I decided to follow you and your family. :) I would like to invite you over to my blog... I just returned from a mission trip to Haiti and have some neat posts.