Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The day begins at 5 a.m. here!

Morning devotions are at 5:50 for only about 10 minutes. They used to be longer and we'd even read a chapter book-- before we had kids who have to catch a 6:10 school bus.

Adam is the first one out the door. He catches the 6:10 bus to the high school and transfers to his school. The bus getting to his school an hour early was giving him way too much unsupervised time last year and is one reason we transferred him to a smaller, better supervised setting.

After devotions, Rick and Adam leave. The little ones get dressed and eat breakfast.

After everyone gets his/her shoes on, backpacks are loaded etc. we pay bop it for five minutes. We always play the "pass it" game so everyone gets a chance. If you aren't ready and don't have your shoes on, you miss out.

Jessica walks the little three to their bus about 1/3 mile away and right on her way to the trolley. There is a choice of 3 trolley stops all about a mile from our house. She catches the 7:20 trolley to college.

Ty is the last up. He gets up at 6:40 and catches a different trolley to the college than Jessica.

I'm on my own for the day by 7:15 a.m.

After school, a variety of things take place.

The little ones get home at 2. On Tu & Th, Jessica meets their bus on the way home from the trolley.

On M&W she doesn't get home until after 4 and Ty after 7 p.m. so I meet the bus.

Adam gets home at 4.

There are only special college classes on Fridays so the two oldest are home.

Jessica is working on building a play tower for the little ones. She had to redo a whole section or she'd be farther along.

She always has a lot of math home work.

Jasmine works on spelling sentences, math and reading.

The twins bring home a math pack on Friday that is due the next Friday. It can be very frustrating working with them. Other times it just clicks. They are only working on numbers 1-5 right now.

After the little ones are done, they can play.

What happens in the evening depends on the day of the week.
Jasmine has softball practice on Mondays and sometimes a game on Tuesdays.
Wednesday Jasmine has a half hour ballet class and then she and I hang out until time for church. Jessica has church orchestra.
On Thursdays Jasmine has ballet/jazz and Jessica has tumbling. Jasmine has softball right after dance, and Tyler and Jessica have Explorers. Jasmine has games some Fridays.
We decided not to put the twins in any classes or sports this fall so that they could adjust to school, learn to follow rules, cooperate with others and to avoid too much adult involvement until they are better attached. At soccer there were a lot of moms just picking them up and holding them or giving them extra snacks and drinks that the other players didn't get.
Tyler and Jessica work Friday, Saturday, Ty Sunday and Jessica sometimes Monday.
So that's what our every day life looks like.


Renee said...

Oh thank you so much for showing us your days. You are so very organized!

Karen said...

Okay, after all that you've made me so tired, can I take a nap, now? Well done, Kathy.

Felicia said...

Looks like you run a tight ship. Isn't it nice to have older ones who can contribute to the household?

Felicia said...

Looks like you run a tight ship. Isn't it nice to have older ones who can contribute to the household?

Kathy C. said...

We have to stay somewhat organized with kids going off to three different schools. Doing the Bop It in the morning ensures that everyone will be ready and packed up in time (no one wants to miss it).