Sunday, September 26, 2010

Girl's Day Out

It wasn't supposed to be a girl's day out. It happened by default.

Adam has counseling every other Saturday morning so the last two times I've grabbed a couple of the little ones and taken them to McDonald's two blocks from counseling for breakfast after dropping him off.

Kaleb was supposed to go, but on Friday he attempted to stabbed a child with scissors. There was a sub, and she couldn't control him so she called me to talk to him. He wouldn't come to the phone. I could hear him screaming very loudly in the background.

I told her to take him to the principal, but they are not allowed to touch a child so I don't know if they ever got him there. They probably decided it was easier not to. I didn't get any communication from the school. I'm sure once the teacher is back I'll hear how it ended.

I told him that since he does not feel badly when he hurts people and since I can't trust him not to hurt someone, he could not go anywhere this weekend. No McDonalds, no park, no anywhere.

So Kayla and Jasmine went to McDonalds.

Then we decided to go to the driving range. We went two or three times summer 09 but not since. Tyler and Jessica had to work, and the two boys were restricted to the house and yard, so again it was just the little girls.

Kayla hit a few balls and then said, "I'm too lazy to do this" and sat down and was done!

She revived when we went into the clubhouse for fries and a soda. We sat on the back patio which happens to be right on the bay. She said, "I want to live here." I said, "Me, too." We talked about how you can't live in the clubhouse, but if you have lots of money, you can buy your own house on the bay. (But people with 8 kids and writing Christian books normally do not have the money to do that--unless it's the Left Behind series or something)

Then we went to a little skate park.

Jasmine's learnin' some moves.

Kayla is fearless.

A little boy maybe 7 or 8 came up and informed me it was skate boards only, no scooters. I said, "The rules also say children 9 and under have to have a parent with them, and you have to wear helmets. So you are breaking two rules and we are breaking one." He looked confused so I'm thinking maybe he was 9 or 10 and just small. But he left. Kind of funny that a kid felt he needed to come up and tell me the rules. I'd heard him say to two older friends, "I need to go tell them the rules" when we first got there so maybe he's appointed himself king of the skate park. He and his two friends sat at the top of the ramp and threw their skateboards down the ramp but they never actually rode them.

Then it was time to be lazy, and Kaleb joined us for that.

And Shy is really good at lazy.

Guess what Jessica is learning in Explorers?

The girls have some exciting news but we are not going to share it for a couple of weeks until everything is in place. You all may not think it's exciting, but I do.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Can't wait to hear your exciting news too.

One Crowded House said...

that's frustrating that you did not get the "full report" on how things happened on Friday so that you could have discussed it with Kaleb this weekend.

I sent a note to Steven's bus driver this morning requesting he sit near the front of the bus so he can be more closely monitored- he doesn't generally hurt people unless he is provoked (like the girl was making faces at him on Friday) but I thought for our sanity and the bus driver's that it would be best if he could be seen better! I wish that there was an aide that could ride the bus- instead of the poor bus driver having to do the disciplining and the driving!