Saturday, September 11, 2010

No, these aren't the same

pictures I posted last week. We went back to the same park/beach we did last Sunday. It's a ways away and $8 per car admission, so it's not some place we'll go every weekend. Normally both Tyler and Jessica work Saturday afternoons, but Ty got left off this week's schedule and last night someone asked Jessica to trade opening shift for closing shift so Jessica didn't go in until 5 today.

And there are at least ten differences between these pictures and last week's in how the kids look. Can you spot them?

Jasmine and Tyler

Ty in the tree


Ty in the tree

Sloth in the tree. (She said that's what she was being)

If you look closely, you can see part of an alligator sticking up out of the water. Nope, this isn't a swimming area!

Tyler started out fishing on the jetties, but he lost too many hooks on boulders in the water. He relocated to the fishing pier.

Jasmine gives Kaleb a hand.

Tyler at the fishing pier.

If I grow up, I want to live here!! Look at the color of that water!

If you haven't sent your pictures for the book packs on the girl's blog, send them! : )

Rick is putting together a grill I won in a drawing!

I did Kayla's hair last night knowing we were going to the park/beach today! Oh brother. It seems to have held up though.

Jasmine started taking out her braids for me. Taking out braids is major since she's such a tender head. Part of it is legitimate because she has a lot of scarring from surgery on her head and neck. She gets VERY unhappy when it's time to take out braids.

Here we are many tears later.
Her nose and lip don't look really much different to me even though she had surgery on them.

My hero. My grill is ready. Nothing to try it out with though.

Jessica finished her puzzle.


Felicia said...

Oh, I understnad the hair woes, Larissa has a tender head (or perhaps it is a tender mom). I try to so simple, quick hair styles on her for that reason.

Cool puzzle Jessica, but what I want to see is the finished pictures of the play fort.

Karen said...

Ya'll are always busy. All look great!

Kathy C. said...

Felicia-me too : ) She is so busy during the week that she's working on it like a half hour a day.

Karen--we have some really boring days. Those don't make great pictures--me doing laundry, kid packing lunches and doing homework...