Friday, September 10, 2010


WE got our notice to appear at homeland security in a couple of weeks. Easier said than done. For one thing, it's five hours one way!!

We have to bring our ID.
The I -485 and $1,011 per twin
The I 693 civil surgeons physical--cash only, TB, immunizations
The I 864W and $70 per twin
Two passport pictures per twin (no, they are not getting passports)
Our passports
U.S. and foreign birth certificate--we don't have US because we haven't readopted yet
adoption decree
child's passports--which we don't have obviously
and possible the N 600 and $460 per twin!!!!!!!

Ugh. Double Ugh. The twin's adoption was complete in Haiti the day before the earthquake but because no passport or Visa was issued, we have to do this. But it annoys me because coming home with their visas they would have been automatic citizens. And seriously, I don't even know if this appointment is for citizenship or residency. I've e-mailed but not gotten any answers.

If any of you have gone through this, please let me know--although it seems to vary widely state to state as does the readopt process.

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Tracy said...

That's the question of the day....after you collect all those items (and win the lottery) what exactly is it for??? Citizenship???? Who knows. That's what I have been confused about from day 1. UGH!!!!! Keep us posted.