Friday, September 10, 2010

uscis "answer" ha

I e-mailed our "field office" and was told to contact NBC.adoptions. I sent them this e-mail:

We have received a notice to appear Sept XX at 10 am at Homeland Security in XXXXXX for a meeting for alien #s XXX and ZZZ.

What is the fee for the I 485 form? We have current fingerprints at this time. Our children are 5 years old.

Also what is the fee for the I 864w?

I am very unclear as to what this meeting is for and how we are to fill out all these forms. The adoptions of our twins are complete in Haiti but we have been unable to find anyone to do a readoption in the state of Florida and I'm not even sure if it's necessary but we want to do a name change.

We filled out the I 600 in Haiti but it was not completed because of the earthquake although our adoption was complete.

Here is their not so informative answer:

All Category 1 cases where children received humanitarian parole from Haiti, are being interviewed at their field office in order to receive their citizenship. Please contact your local USCIS field office (this is the office who wouldn't answer our questions) or visit the below website for more information.

this link is not very informative either.


Karen said...

Good grief, now what?

Suzanne said...

why are they making it more difficult?

Felicia said...

Ewww, not fun stuff to deal with.....and expensive too. I guess you aren't the norm so they probably won't know what to do with you.

Kathy C. said...

This effects all of us in category 1. I don't know why they have to rush to have it by Sept 30 when they are still working on the Help for Haiti stuff.