Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Was Adam's 15th birthday.

We planned to surprise Adam with a bike but it didn't happen. Jessica and I had invented an errand we needed Adam to go on. Then we were going to just happen to stop at Walmart and surprise him by letting him pick ten speed. But he was in a stubborn mood and wouldn't do something he needed to do. I didn't tell him that plan was to get him a bike because I wanted him to willing do what he needed to do just because it was the right thing to do. So yesterday we gave him the money and told him we'd get the bike later. Amazing, what he needed to do got done almost immediately. I am picking him up after school to go look at bikes.

Jessica knows that Adam is a typical teen boy--which means always ready to eat!
Adam also got some clothes and DVDs.

Jessica and I had a drama showcase to attend. The boys stayed home and played Wii.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Adam. You two look so cute there. Do you know anything about the area in Haiti?

Julia said...

happy birhday Adam from rachel