Saturday, January 2, 2010

Highlights from 2009

Adam turned 14

Jessica went from this.. this


Jessica and I went on the Girls' Getaway Cruise

Jasmine turned 8

Ty got his first job at the theater where Jessica works

Ty got his orange belt

The first weekend of March is always the Florida Christian Writer's Conference.

This year conference was in Lake Wales for the first time.

Eva and I had our name tags on so we could remember who we are.

Jasmine and I did an Easter egg hunt with the twins on a trip to Haiti.

The twins.



Destin--Jessica was brave


Wild Adventures water park

Jasmine with a kinkajou


T & J had to work on Easter so the rest of us went to the beach.

We had a flashlight Easter egg hunt



I presented my Bible program to a group of 3rd-5th graders

Tyler's Explorer's awards banquet.

Tyler gets a promotion

Jessica and I went to the ECW conference in Pensacola.

ECW conference in Pensacola with Anne Kingsbury-Karen's mom.

With Karen


We took Jeff to Wild Adventures

and celebrated his birthday a week late.

My sister and her husband came down and we went to the zoo.

Got Jasmine ready for her dance recital--which was the same night as Tyler's high school graduation.

Tyler graduated.

Tyler's open house

Rick's parents went to the beach with us on Memorial Day

My sister and her husband went to the beach with us on Memorial Day

Jasmine had a soccer party at the end of spring soccer

They had a picnic for the soccer players and it was beautiful weather.

Jasmine off to church camp


Wild Adventure

This was my favorite ride by far!

Jessica went to music camp.

Adam went to mission camp.

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain

World of Coke


I took Jeff, Tyler, Jessica and Jasmine to Universal Studios/Island of Adventure

Seuss Landing was my favorite.

Finished Adam's room

Jessica redid the bathroom.

Tyler turned 19.


Jessica's senior portraits

Jessica turned 18

Adam attended cranio facial camp with Jasmine
Beach fun

At the bay. This is one of the days we read Purpose Driven at the bay.

First day of Jessica's senior year

New friends for the kids


Horse back riding (at the skating rink)

We got rescued at the springs.


Wild Adventures



Family pictures using the timer on the camera.

Disney with Rick

End of soccer



Frosting Christmas cookies with the twins in Haiti.

New friends over

Everyone getting along on Christmas Eve.

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Karen said...

How fun was that! Sure enjoyed scrolling down memory lane. :) Shows how much the kids have grown and all the fun, too.