Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adam's Bike

Adam got his bike yesterday and rode it home from Walmart to make sure it worked out for him.

He also got shoes and front and back bike lights. He had $12 left over plus a check for $20 from his grandparents. He decided he didn't like the shoes (they were on clearance) so is going to take those back and use the rest of the money to get a better pair.

I found these "Wack-a-Pack" things at the dollar store in the Valentine stuff.

First you smash it with your fist.

The bag pops open and a balloon starts to inflate.

The balloons are really cold so that must have something to do with whatever is inside it that causes it to inflate. Reminds me of the first aid packs that you smash to make them cold.

Many of you have asked about our twins in Haiti. All of the children in our orphanage are safe and unharmed. A team is going down to assess the building damage. We were very blessed because buildings nearby are in ruins--the same buildings we drove by or were in just weeks ago.


Julia said...

That is a really cool bike i really like it you have a happy family and cute too. from RACHEL

Julia said...

happy birthday adam from rachel