Monday, January 4, 2010

Slow Time

We had a really slow week last week. The older two worked a lot of hours so it was too quiet around here. I also had a fever most of the week and Jasmine did for a couple of days too. She did go to see Where the Wilds Things Are. She loved it. Rick took her and wasn't quite as thrilled.

We didn't have church Wed evening so went to the 75 cent skate.

Adam and Jasmine made cookies.

Today the younger three went back to school. Tyler doesn't return until Thursday (my birthday).

Jasmine started back to gymnastics and dance today.

I drove Tyler to the college bookstore to get his books. He got off easy this semester--$290. Last semester was over $400.


One Crowded House said...

college books are so expensive it is just crazy!

happy almost birthday to you!

Karen said...

Well, Happy Birthday, in case I don't tell you Thursday!!