Friday, January 29, 2010

First Doctor Visit and Shots

Kaleb is 40" and 39.1 pounds

Kayla is 41 1/4" and 38.1 pounds

The twins had phsicals but they weren't very thorough. No apparent problems.

We waited 30 minutes for the phsyicals and another 40 to get the first four shots, so we skipped labs today. We have to go back Monday for two more shots and a TB test so may as well do the labs then. On Wed we have to go back and have the TB tests read and take "samples" to test for parasites etc.

We went to Burger King next. The twins screamed during shots but stopped right away thankfully. They seemed to forget all about them by time we got into BK.


Karen said...

I know those waits are so long and seem even longer with little ones. Glad all is okay, so far.

They are cuties.

Laura said...

Kathy, they are SO precious! So great that you have both of them -- for you as well as for them.

Hope Jasmine is doing well, too.

See you soon at FCWC, right?

Take care!