Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Full Day Home

The twins woke up earlier than I had hoped for.

Neither one likes malt o meal (even with brown sugar!) so I had to dump both bowls. We'll try again in a few days.

Major meltdown when the kids left for school. I finally told them something that amounted to: if you keep crying you can go back to bed and if you are happy you can play. I rely on the adoptive parent phrase book.

We went outside for a while. They don't stay with one thing very long and if I step away to do something (like use the restroom for instance!), they are right there hanging on to me. I'm sure they'll feel more secure soon.

Kayla ate her hot dog, Kaleb's hot dog and a third one for lunch.

Kaleb didn't eat much all day. A little pineapple for breakfast. One bite of hot dog for lunch and a bite of pork chop and potatoes for supper. They like to play with their food, dump it on each other's plates and the floor so I've started warning them once and then taking the plate and telling them they are done. I think they'll catch on really soon. What they don't eat I let sit out for a while to see if they'll come back to it.

New things to play with.

Had to take back the 12" bike and get a 16" inch. I wasn't sure. It was a spur of the moment purchase. I have a girl's bike in both 12" and 16" so just needed a boy's one.
They love the helmets and left them on for an hour until I took them off.

Watching Veggie Tales before bed. I think this will work as a countdown to bedtime. They'll know that when the video is over, it's tan pou domi!


kayder1996 said...

No malt o meal...I would have thought that would have been a hit. so much new stuff for them...also laughing at Kayla eating almost 3 hot dogs.

Anonymous said...

Kathy they are very cute and I can't wait to meet them and I can't wait for my kids to meet them ether.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

BLESSINGS!!!!! What beautiful children - so happy they are safe and at HOME!

Karen said...

So much change for these two and you! What did they eat in Haiti? Darling pics, Kathy! ((hugs))

Kathy C. said...

Karen--rice and beans with little variation, maybe a difference in sauces once in a while.

Jason & Melanie said...

Wow...this is Awesome. I have just caught up on all of your posts since Earthquake. Rejoicing that you have finally got the twins home! God bless u!