Saturday, June 6, 2015

Last Weekend's Dives

Last weekend  Kaleb redid the "Try Scuba" class because of "freaking out" on the first one and aborting our dive. He did a little better, but still kept signaling to surface even though he was only in 4-6 feet of water. He just wasn't comfortable with it. Kayla did pretty well. She didn't want to end the dive. But if he signals up, everyone comes up. She wants to go on to basic. He isn't sure, and I'm not sure he's ready. We would have them do it until next spring anyway.

Rick and I dove together and there were some issues. Mostly from him having not done diving in ten years. And he also gets sea sick. Yep, even while diving. Nope. No details. Let's just say we need to redo the dive because we never made it out of eight foot water.

Me carrying about 60 lbs of tank and weights

While the twins were with Chase and Rick and I were together, Alex was working with Jasmine on clearing her ears. She can't clear below 29 feet down. She is going to an ENT clinic next week.

Alex watching Jasmine hook up her regulator.

Jessica came along and snorkeled along side Rick and me.


The twins kayaked when they were done.

I've been really wanting to do a deeper dive. We hadn't been able to with Jasmine's ears. So just Alex and I went the next day. We went down 67 feet. Yes, that would have been a violation of  my basic certification except that Alex was my instructor, and he knew I was good with it. I really felt like I could have gone a lot deeper.

One of my worries was my slight claustrophobia, but the water is so clear that I could still look up and see sky down 30 feet. Maybe more. I wasn't looking at my depth gauge most of the time. There were so many cool fish in the coral reef. My camera lost the colors though, so everything looks green. I need to play around with the settings.
Color is still good at about 20 feet

About 40 feet

Back on the surface. I need to learn to edit photos.
It was a really good dive, and I hope they figure out what's going on with Jasmine's ears or tubes so she can join me. And we need to get Rick and Ty back up to speed so they can too. I'm probably a dive snob because the only place I've dove is at our jetties/coral reef. The water is emerald with good visibility at most times. I don't know that I'd enjoy diving a lake unless there was something real cool to see.

I'd love to dive the Keys, Bahamas or Caymans.

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