Wednesday, June 10, 2015

She's a Freshman

Jasmine is now officially a high school student!
Before graduation

With friends

history teacher for three years

language arts teacher this year, but Jasmine also had her for third grade Sunday school

I matched her beads to her dress

Celebrating. We didn't go out because I'm taking her to NYC to celebrate! We've saved over three years for the trip. 

She got one more card identical to the one above, but it just came so I don't have her picture with it yet.

She is at day one of freshman band orientation. Unfortunately she is going to miss the next two days. I was told it was the first three days of summer vacation--M, T, W--so I scheduled us to fly out tomorrow (Thursday). But really orientation is W, Th & Fri.  She has two full weeks of band camp the last two weeks of July so that should make up for it! 

So now I have a high school freshman. This is the one I'm having the most trouble believing she's a freshman. 

And we found out this week she is at her full growth. Her growth plates have fused. She is 4'9" or 4'10". There was a discrepancy in measurements, but knowing now she's at full height I'm going to make sure to get an accurate height next time. 

I will try to post from New York, so hopefully the next post will be that Jasmine and I (and our cameras and lap top) have arrive safely in NYC. (Flying into Newark, taking bus to Penn Station Newark, train to Penn Station NYC and the #7 to the cheap hotel district!!)


alwayssunny67 said...

I was 5'1" until junior year of HS then I had a growth spurt and gained 6" in a year

Kathy C. said...

It is impossible for her to grow more because her growth plates are fused. So the stuff we bought with growing room will never be grown into!