Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What a Week!!!

This has been a crazy week. And we are only on Wednesday! It started last week. Rick's sister suddenly started having medical issues. They put her in the hospital, and no one could figure out what was wrong. Her body shut down, and she died late Monday night. 

I think deaths are hard when they are that sudden. No time to really say goodbye or to process things ahead of time like with a long  illness. And I think it's hard when parents have to bury a child. Whether they are 5 or 15 or almost 54. 

She left behind two adult children and two grandchildren. 

This is finals week for Jasmine, and since it's the last week of school, there is no way to make them up. She has eighth grade graduation/celebration tomorrow night. We also have EIGHT appointments between us this week!! So Rick had to drive up to Indiana alone. But once he's there, he'll be with family. Rick's daughter and her two children will be driving in. And Deb's two adult children and two grandchildren will be there plus Rick's parents.

I'm glad we were all able to have a good visit a couple of summers ago when we were up there. Rick was able to get time off work which was very unusual, but he'd been in that job a while and had vacation time built up. He's in a job now he's only had a few months, but he has three bereavement days.

He and his sister are two days less than a year apart.
At our wedding 1988

At our wedding 1988

At Ty's graduation in 2009

Ty's graduation 2009

July 2013

 I mentioned that we have eight appointments this week. Well, I can't say that we received good news at any of them so far.

Kaleb had an eye appointment Monday. His left eye has always been pretty good, while he has had only a little vision in his right eye. We found out that his left eye has gotten much worse, and he needs bifocals for that eye. His right eye is turning outward, and the specialist wants to cut the muscles and reattach them to have the eye more stable.

On Tuesday Kaleb has his ADHD appointment, and we found out he has lost weight on the meds. The dosage also isn't high enough, but she can't increase it due to the weight loss. So we switched meds, and she also added one for impulsiveness. We found out he has three different skin issues so we have creams and such for that.

Jasmine started with a new doctor for her ADHD meds and that appointment was just routine. Then she had a physical. She has "flatlined" on her growth chart for almost two years. I've noticed that too. It could mean she is done growing at 14 at only 4'9.5" but we hope not!!!! They sent us to X ray to get a bone scan to see if  her growth plates are sealed yet or not. If they are, there is nothing to be done.

The pediatrician also put in a referral for Shands for the third time. They keep referring her to a local plastic surgeon but I don't want anyone but the cranio facial team she's been with since birth touching her lip or neck. I think she's going to need repairs, but not if  her team can't do it. She also got a referral to ENT to find out why her ears won't equalize at depths below 15 feet underwater.

Tomorrow Kayla has counseling. We have had a time of it and that's about all I'm going to say on here. She will be going through the same testing with the same doctor Kaleb saw a while back. But for way different reasons. He is delayed and can be stubborn and pouty, but he gets over it. He is not mean or aggressive. He has not deliberately hurt anyone for years.

Friday morning I have a urology appointment to deal with my IC, and I definitely won't bless you with those details. But at least I've found a femal urologist willing to try and find some answers.

The kids are out of school at noon Friday, and we have several activities planned for the weekend.

Next time I will post something more cheery. We did have a very interesting weekend this past weekend.

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