Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Reading-Start Now

This is my last post about summer reading other than to share what we are reading. Probably the most important book for kids going into 6th or 7th grades is this one:
Please don't let the cover keep you from buying it! It is for boys and girls, all colors!! There is a lot of good stuff in it. Students younger than 6th grade can benefit from it too, because it covers important topics for any student. 

Here is the information from the publisher's website:
Who is this product for? 
Middle school: a fun, sometimes chaotic existence where students discover who they are, what they want, and how to survive. This survival manual with a strong Christian emphasis is a must read for every student entering middle school, along with their parents and youth group leaders. 

What does this provide for you? 
• Practical tips and ideas for success.

• Real-life stories to remind students they are not alone.

• Quizzes and questions to help students actively survive middle school.

What is it?
Entering the world of middle school is scary and exciting. But with a little help from a book called The Middle School Survival Manual, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This book is written in a straightforward, conversational style to pique students’ interests and guide them through their days as a middle schooler. 

With the manual, middle schoolers will learn to:
• Give grades a boost
• Make testing as easy as 1, 2, 3
• Face life in a new school    
• Set goals
• Deal with old and new friends
• Live their faith at school
• Plan their own activities
• And lots more!

Students learn not only how to survive but how to make each day great because God is with them. It’s also a great read for parents and youth leaders to understand what they’re students are experiencing and to help inspire conversation.  

PLEASE TRY YOUR LOCAL CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE FIRST. If they don't carry my books, you can order this through the publisher HERE  or through amazon HERE

I have three daily devotion books through Tyndale. Two of them are One-Year books, but you can jump in anywhere. So if you start reading them tomorrow, just start on June 9th's devotion and read until next June 8. The other has 100 undated devotions.

 Starring Women of the Bible will help girls ages 10-14 learn about more than seventy-five Old and New Testament women and the issues they faced. Those issues included many of the ones the readers are facing today: dealing with change, struggling with jealousy, overcoming obstacles, sibling rivalry, fear, purity and more. This book can be used individually or in a small group situation. Each day has a "Thinking it Through" feature and girls may want to keep a journal of their thoughts. You can order it through amazon HERE
 Bible Trivia, is for both boys and girls ages 8-12.Each devotion starts with a trivia question from the Bible. Readers choose an answer, and then read the devotion to learn the answer. The "For You" feature helps the reader apply the information to his or her own life. In one years' time, boys and girls will learn important truths from Genesis to Revelation. A fun way to learn more about the Bible. You can order it through amazon HERE CAUTION: I've noticed that there are some other copies of my books being listed on amazon that are through other places selling them and charging two or three times the real price.

This book is for girls 7-11 although the content will hold the interest of girls up to 13 years old. This devotion book shows girls that living as God's princess begins with knowing they're a child of the Heavenly King. One hundred devotions are each based on favorite Scripture verse and talk about a topic relevant to today's girls. Topics include claiming God's promises, finding peace, knowing God has a special plan for them, how to grow in faith, following the Shepherd, inner beauty, loving those hard to love and lots more. Each devotion contains both an interesting story or information and practical applications to daily life. You can order it through amazon HERE

But no matter what you choose to read, please read with your kids this summer. We have a goal to read 125 picture books this summer (no picture books aren't just for preschool children!!) plus the classics we are reading in circle as well as The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible and The Christian Girl's Guide to Me: The Quiz Book. If we have time left (doubtful), we are going to read The Middle School Survival Manual.

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