Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pool Time

It's July 9th, and we are just getting into our summer routine. The twins are doing the Bridge book grades 2 into 3, and Jasmine is doing grade 6 into 7. Anyone else doing those? 

Today, we went to the pool for the first time this season! It was actually sunny for a few hours. Right after we left, it thundered and if there was lightining, the pool closed. So I'm glad we were done. Kind of frustrating because we only stayed a little while because Jasmine had drum lessons this afternoon, but when we got there, there was a sign on the door that said closed July 8-10. We should have been notified so we didn't rush around only to find the place closed.

Had similar "luck" getting our pool passes so ended up paying $15 just to get in today. Hope they will apply that toward our pass once the place that sells them is open! No, it's not the pool. It's at the bay where we jet ski (yeah, that's crazy) and it's closed Monday and Tuesday.

But we had fun at the pool. Here are a few pictures.

This climbing wall (in the deep end) is new this year.

It's harder to climb than it looks because it's angled forward.

I am teaching the kids to swim after losing so much money on lessons. I started teaching them last summer  because anytime there's lightning, lessons are cancelled, and they aren't made up. There are also way too many kids per class. So the twins bobbed under water twice in a 45 minutes lesson and that's all they did. And most lessons they only had ten minutes before lessons were cancelled. So I spent $110 for them to learn to bob under water. Not impressed.

So last summer I taught them glides first. I always start with that because when a child can glide, you just have to add the legs, then arms, then breathing and they are swimming. We get a lot of rain here in the summer, so I was only able to work with them about six times last summer, and they'd gotten as far as doing the kicks and arm strokes.

Today we worked on glides, glides with kicks, and floating. Didn't work on the arm strokes today. 

The twins are usually too far underwater like this. You only put your face in up to your eye brows. Otherwise when you turn your head for rotary breathing, you are still underwater.

She kicked her way to the bottom instead of forward.

We took breaks after they'd worked on each skill

I learned to swim in college, and then became a guard and WSI but am not certified anymore. This is about the last time I swam--1988!!

Jasmine has band camp Monday-Thursday mornings this week and the next two weeks. Yesterday I went to pick her up, turned off the car and it wouldn't restart. Not a peep. Rick came to rescue me. We got it jumped and took it for a battery. It didn't need a battery though, there was a crack in one of the connector thingies. Only cost $5 not $100!

I still have books to give away on my blog for girls for writing a review. This might be a fun thing for your kids to do this summer, especially if you  home school. I'll be adding some books to that give away shortly.

And I'm going to give away one book package on this blog soon.

If you read my comments about Monsters University in the last post, please leave your own comments if you've seen the movie! It's a fun movie to take kids too. Despicable Me 2 may be funnier, but MU one has more take away lessons.

Happy birthday to my brother today.

Not sure what year this is, late 80s? It's been a few years, but I'm sure he looks just the same : )

Today was training day one for Adam at Marine Boot camp.

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One Crowded House said...

Looks like a fun day- the weather this summer has been so nutty!

Kathy C. said...

It has been. There are roads flooded and ponds were there aren't supposed to be ponds--like the mall parking lot!

:)De said...

We used to do Summer Bridge every year and I really liked them. Now we home school year round... 3 weeks on, 1 week off so there is no more need for the workbooks.

Kathy C. said...

The Bridge Book was the easy option to fulfill Kayla's summer work if she gets into the charter school. And I'm having Kaleb do it too since that makes sense. We work on reading and math a little each day during the summer to keep brains sharp and because playing all day gets boring after a while.