Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pool Fun and more

This week the twins had soccer camp.
We didn't get any pictures of them playing because they were finishing up when we picked them up.
He doesn't look thrilled because his team just lost. He will be playing on a team in the fall. Kayla will not. She showed very  untrustworthy behaviors this week. We will see how she's doing when basketball season rolls around.(I may reconsider if I see the changes I need to see in the next four weeks before soccer starts).

Lunch at Golden Corral for those who competed running/walking 200 miles since we started last year. Tyler and I finished that morning! No one has to run, so it's just if you want to do it or not.

He definitely loves his food!

Chocolate fountain

Jasmine with her drumsticks that Duncan from Newsboys sent her! Mike Nawrocki from Veggie Tales arranged that for us. These are a couple of the good guys, so if you've never listened to Newsboys or watched Veggie Tales, be sure to check them out.

We only got to the pool once this week to work on swim skills. Still, Jasmine has passed off on 25 meters front crawl and back crawl and treading for a minute.

Kaleb passed off on 25 meters on his front. It wasn't exactly front crawl, but we'll work more on technique next summer. For now, we are working on endurance and being safe. He still needs to do half a length on his back for me. He stayed afloat for a minute. It was kind of a combination of treading and floating, but I was just looking for him to be able to jump into the deep end and not panic, and then stay afloat. In doing that for me, he also passed the test to be in the deep end.

Jasmine's jump.

 I am encouraging all of the kids with their swim skills, but not forcing it. Jessica is working on some that she uses in Scuba. She has advanced and search and rescue. She will have her science diver certification once she gets a physical that's a little more complicated than what her doctor is used too.

I will be taking everyone who passes my test to the water park about 45 minutes away. So far Jessica and Jasmine are signed off and ready to go. Kaleb needs to do his half length on his back. Ty has opted not to do it because he only has Fridays free. But while he doesn't swim strokes, he's water safe. I think Kayla has decided not to do it too. She hasn't said so, but the last two times she hasn't even come into the water. She sits on the edge and watches. I'm okay with that, but I'd really feel better if all of them had some water skills since we live by an ocean. But we have life jackets and many times I have the kids wear them due to under currents and large waves. I can't seem to get the videos of the pool to upload, so I'll try again later.

Today Jasmine and Kaleb went to Lowes with Rick to do the free project.

Lowes does these projects every other week for free. You just have to sign up ahead. So check out your local Lowes. This is the first time we've done it, but not the last. Saturday mornings get busy during the fall, so I'm not sure how many times they'll make it. I don't think Jasmine is going out for city soccer this year, so she will probably be able to go. Kayla too. But Kaleb will have games on Saturdays, and I'll be at those.

So that is more or less what we did this week.

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