Monday, July 29, 2013

At the Bay

Today we went to the bay. We asked two neighbor families to join us. Between the three families we had 12 children and five parents. One family has two older children who are grown and out, and we were missing Tyler to work, Adam to boot camp and Jeff to Afghanistan. I plan to do a post soon about the older kids including Ashley. But for today, we just had Jessica, Jasmine and the twins.
Kayla started out on the board.

Kaleb on the board.

Kayla on the turtle.

Kaleb in the kayak.

Josiah and Kayla. Josiah and Kaleb were in the same class this year. Four of the children at the bay today were second graders all at the same school. Next year those same four children will be split among three different schools!

Jessica grilled hot dogs, sausages and hamburgers.

Jasmine ferrying around Mrs. Josi.


Mr. Jimmy. He's the pastor of a small church near us.

Joy. She has four brothers! Three older and one younger.

James-he's one of Joy's older brothers. Josiah (above) is also.

Jessica. Yes, she was supposed to have a life jacket on, although it wasn't overly deep.

Brothers, Alex and Casey. Alex was in the same school as the four second graders (one of whom is his brother) but he was in fifth.

Casey and his mom. His cousin is in the background. I actually don't know how old the cousin was. He was visiting.

Kaleb helping Josiah up the tree. These two kept their teacher on his toes this year!

We had quite an assortment of boats--three kayaks, one of which was a  pedal kayak, a two person pedal boat, a jet ski, a raft boat (?) with a motor and the jet ski.

Rick took his lunch hour to tow the jet ski to the bay and then came back after work for food and to help us load up and haul boats home. Two of the kayaks and the jet ski are ours. It was a lot of fun to share them with friends today.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, we are going to Destin to shop for swim suits and go to the beach. I finally figured out where the beaches there are. We are always on 98 and we need to be on scenic 98. I bought myself snorkel equipment and hope to try it out tomorrow.

Jessica has two term papers and a final in the next two days. I also start physical therapy this week that is supposed to help with the pain from my bone spur, and I mentioned my allergy testing already, so not everything is all fun here, but today was. And hopefully tomorrow will be also. Everyone worked together well today and followed the rules! Yay!

Hope you all are having a sunny and happy week.


Renee said...

Looks like a wonderfully happy day!

Kathy C. said...

I love summer!

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