Saturday, July 20, 2013

Doggy Outing

Friday had a 60% chance of rain, but it was also the only day all the kids were home. So we decided to go on our doggy outing rain or shine. We headed to a county where dogs are allowed on the beach. When we got to the place we were going to kayak, it was raining pretty hard. So we drove on because we could see clear sky ahead. But the beaches weren't good for kayaking. So after driving what seemed like forever to find that out, we stopped at a park for the doggies to stretch their legs.
It was a nice little park.

The dogs weren't too sure about it.

We stopped along the road to take a few pictures on the rocks.

Look how narrow the road is. The bike trail is almost as wide as the road! I wish I had a way to transport seven bikes.

We turned around and headed back to the park where we were originally going to stop. The weather had cleared. It was overcast, but not raining. So we hurried and unloaded the kayaks.

The latest in beach wear--portable dogs! Really it's just Scrappy in his new life jacket. They have carrying handles! I guess that's to make it easy to lift them out of the water.

Off they go. You can see Scrappy in front of Tyler but can't see Travis.

Travis liked to swim. I'm sure it must be a doggy reflex, but when they've been swimming and you lift them out, their paws keep paddling as though they are still swimming.

Travis needs a bigger life jacket. They sent the wrong size, but I kept it because I wanted it for this trip. I ordered him a bigger one too.

Caspian, two-years-old.

Travis, four-months-old.

Scrappy, fourteen-years-old

We have to wash the salt water off of everything after being in the water.

We got three 12" subs at Subway and split them.

Fastening the kayaks on top.
We had rented a small pavilion at the bay for today to jet ski and grill. Neighbors were going to join us. At 10:00 this morning it was still drizzling and gray. It had been raining. So I canceled it. They came over and we grilled here, played Wii and watched a movie. It was nice, but of course it cleared outside about two hours later. But you never know, and I had to cancel by a certain time or lose my money. We plan to go the next day it shows less than 40 or 50% chance of rain in the forecast.

 So that's how we spent yesterday and today. How about you? Anyone else have constantly rainy weather this summer?


Felicia said...

It has only rained here twice this summer, one time for 15 days and second time for 30 days!

Kathy C. said...

Has rained at least part of almost everyday. Storming outside right now. Can't even see through it.

One Crowded House said...

yes it is raining here tons too- we have rarely had a dry day.

Kathy C. said...

It makes it hard to plan. Thankfully you have your own pool. With our pool, one lighning strike anywhere and it's closed. So it may be closed even in sunny weather!