Thursday, July 18, 2013

Out and About

We've been on a loose schedule this summer because the twins do better on a schedule than with unstructured time, although there is some of that in the day. Even so, I do put parameters on what they can do with the time by giving several choices--play outside, use the scooters, play Wii or get out a bin of toys.
As you know, Jasmine has band camp for an hour and 15 minutes in the morning four days a week.  Today was the last day of week 2. On Wednesdays, Jessica works a double so we drop Jasmine at band camp and then take Jessica to work. We stay at the mall for a bit  and then go back for Jasmine.

Yesterday the plan was to pick Jasmine up and then hang out at a park until time to go to a movie which they all earned by completing section one of their workbooks.

Thankfully the weather cooperated.

This was our first time at this little park. Some kids were in the water, but the water was yucky rusty-brown. They said it's because of all the rain lately. I guess all the bays are like that right now. Too bad because we have beautiful blue or emerald water most of the time.

This was a different park we stopped at very briefly on the way to the mall for the movie. There isn't as much to do at this park, but it is apparently used for summer concerts. It's quite a ways from our house so we probably wouldn't go to them. It's not so far from where Jasmine has band camp.

We went to Epic at the theater where Jessica works.

Jessica's two new bosses who suck the fun out of everything discontinued free soda and popcorn plus free movies for family members and even discontinued free food for employees. It was only free if you brought your own bucket and cup. They didn't just hand out bags of popcorn and cups of soda. They've cut all the perks of working there. It has not been much fun with the new bosses.

She is one of the hardest workers, but at times it seems she is targeted. We kind of know why but it's not something I can share on the blog.

Tyler and Jessica went to a drop in adult tumbling class tonight. They seemed to enjoy it. Jessica won't be able to go much as it's only Thursdays and that's going to be her long day next semester. I don't have any pictures because they got caught up in the class and didn't think about taking any. The twins are going to try a gymnastics class  next week and if all goes well, I am going to enroll them and see how it goes.

Some of the previous issues are not happening right now because they are with me all the time, and I know what to look for and how to end it before it starts. But we are getting some of the "I don't know how to do this" or "I forget" game. If you're an adoptive parent, you know what I mean. I don't play the game and neither do you. My solution for forgetting is lots of practice. I have one that suddenly forgot where dishes go when asked to help dry dishes and forgot how to turn on the vacuum cleaner when asked to clean up a mess. Uh huh. Guess what he's doing for five days to help him remember?
We are getting ready to go on an outing tomorrow. Can anyone guess where we are going?

Travis is pretty excited about it! Can you tell how much he's grown since we first met him? 

Not so excited, but he might be once we get there and he sees where we are.

I'm just hoping for really nice weather!

So that's it for now. I'll post pictures of the outing if the weather cooperates. We have a fun weekend coming up.

Next week is the last week of band camp, the twins have soccer camp at the same time and we have about a dozen appointments coming up.


:)De said...

I use lots of practice too for those that "forget" things. I had someone forget where the milk is?!?!? So now she is fixing and serving breakfast for everyone for a week to help her to remember where we keep the milk. Oh to be young and so forgetful :)

One thing we enjoy doing during the summer is a tour of parks. I printed a list of parks from the site and map them out. It is fun to discover little neighborhood parks.

Kathy C. said...

The park idea sounds like a good one. And inexpensive. We went to the new park because we needed a place to eat lunch but we did talk about checking out a couple of parks. Thing is, they are quite a ways from our house. We are in a small town near a bigger city. We are checking out some new beaches too but that has to be a day trip.

Rose Anne said...

While Saul and I were at the hospital for2 plus months my niece Jorja decided she wouldn't do her school work( I had been teaching both of them). So not only will I be combining Saul to finish 5th with his 6th grade schooling but now I have to combine her4with the5grade cause her mom just couldn't make her do anything!

Kathy C. said...

Guess she'll learn that if she doesn't do it when she's supposed to she's likely to miss out on fun stuff to complete it. Hard lesson. Kaleb messed off this week and wouldn't do anything so when some neighbors came over for lunch and to play Wii and watch a movie, he got to sit by himself and do it. I went to check if he was done and wanted to join us and he was just sitting there pouting not bothering.