Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Events

There was a lot going on this weekend with getting Jessica's new puppy, the bike rodeo, dance photos and the musical Annie. Jasmine at the rodeo. They biked around cones and had their bikes checked for safety and such. There were also free snow cones and a bouncy house.

They said Kaleb's helmet was too small and gave him a new one.

Jasmine and I were watching Mystery Woman and something hit her as funny.

Dance pictures were Sunday. We had way too much drama. Lots of trouble getting the little ones to get dressed so when recital comes, I'm just going to dress them. We were running behind and the girls didn't have make up on. Then the older two got major attitudes with each other and drew way too much attention to themselves at the studio. I was so embarrassed. I bet many of you can relate to that! We finally got the pictures taken, but I don't know how they'll be. Kayla's lips were peeling from dry skin, Kaleb had tear streaks down his face and Jasmine didn't have her dance make up on.

Perhaps the smiles will be so bright that the other stuff won't be noticeable. Like the fact that Kaleb's outfit is way too big. They say it's a 5 but it fits like an 8! Today we were just there for the tumbling 1 photo, but I took the older girls with to have a family photo too. I did not get one taken on my camera, so I hope the photographer did a good job. Jessica's class photo is tonight, but she's skipping because she has college and she hates her dance costume. Jasmine's jazz and tap pictures are Tuesday, and I'll get her individual ones done then.

I had planned on everyone going to the musical Annie at the community college after dance photos, but ended up only taking Jasmine and Jessica. They were able to pull out of the downward behavioral cycle.

Once Annie started, I regretted not bringing the twins because the orphan girls, one from our church and two from Jasmine's school as well as other local girls, were amazing. The singing and acting was really well done. They practiced very long hours.

But then Daddy Warbucks came onstage with an opening line with the H-word and used the D-word about 30+ times the rest of the play. It really took away from it for me and the girls too. It was too bad because the orphan girls did such a good job. And I really can't in good conscience take the twins next Sunday like I planned when I know they'd hear at least 30 instances of bad language. They've never seen a live performance because the college ones are most often not appropriate. We saw Fiddler on the Roof and The Sound of Music at the college before the twins came home.

After the musical.

Our church picnic was today too but we had to drop Jessica at work right after Annie, so we didn't get to the picnic. We got home and all went outside for some play time, dogs included.

This morning Jessica decided on the name Kiara (key-r-uh) for her new puppy. I was hoping for Abby Grace, Daisy Joy or Sadie Rose, but Kiara it is. She's a lion in Lion King 2. Jessica didn't want a girly name because the puppy is a bit rambunctious at this time. But she's only five months old.

Jasmine and I

The twin on the playset. They were eating their Easter candy so that's why Kayla looks like that.

Scrappy isn't doing well : ( He has heartworm (yes he's on the meds), respiratory issues and arthritis. We've had him since 2001 and he was 2-3 at the time.

Caspian isn't too sure about his new playmate yet. But she loves to play with toys and she's taught him to fetch a ball!! Previously we'd toss a ball, and he'd just and watch.

She goes after any balls! Thankfully she couldn't get a good bite on this one.

Jasmine has FCAT testing for 70 minutes each morning M-Th of this week and next. Please keep her in your prayers each morning. Today and tomorrow are reading, and she's good at reading, but she has some serious stress going on. She may panic and just mark answers. W and Th are math and she is nowhere near ready but there's nothing to do about it. If the comprehension isn't there, it just isn't there. She's working a full year behind in math. The test will have algebraic equations with exponents and things like that on it that she has to be talked through and can't do independently. We didn't do those until 8th grade or so.

So we're looking ahead to a week of testing, more photos, animal diorama projects and I'm not sure what else. Next weekend Jessica and I go to Pensacola for the Extraorinary Christian Women convention. We'll take Ty out for lunch since we'll be just minutes from his college.

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