Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Family Member

Today Jessica and I went to a humane society not in our area. We have two here, but they are very difficult to work with. Before she got Caspian, she filled out applications, and they said they had to do a home study first. But we couldn't get them to set a time. They put her off for weeks and we gave up. Sounds kind of like trying to do foster care or adopt a child in our county. Maybe it's just something about this county! So we took Caspian and Scrappy and went to another county to visit their pet. This dog is a two year old lab-something small mix. She was friendly, but would have been the dominant dog in the trio.

They had a multitude of kittens.

They had quite a few cats all neutered and up to date on shots. And they were giving them away. Absolutely free. You can't beat that deal.

They offered us our choice.

Look, it's two gray "Max" cats. (Our Max looks like this but yellow). And these were my choice. But those of you who know our cat Shy know those cats are still at the shelter : (

Sigh. Shy will tolerate a new dog if he absolutely must and they acknowledge his superiority. But not a new cat.

So, this is the new family member. She's a hound/terrier mix whatever that means. She's about 5 months old. She has to go back in a month to be neutered.

Sure we can get a picture of all three dogs together-ha.

On the ride home. Actually the ride to get Jessica to work (a little late).

Uncle Scrappy, poor guy. He's 12-13 and has heartworm (yes he's on the meds) and arthritis. He tries to keep up with Caspian but wears out quickly. That's why we got a younger dog to be a playmate for Caspian. And Scrappy can join them when he's up to it.

The new big brother. He is not aggressive at all which is why we didn't choose the dog in the first picture. I didn't want to bring in a dog who would take over.

She is unnamed as of right now. I have suggested Sadie Rose, Abby, Dixie, Bella, Gretchen, Daisy, Lucy, Chloe, Sasha, Katie, Gracie, Emma, Madison, Maggie, Holly, Ziva, Tiana and a bunch of other names, but Jessica doesn't like any of them. She wants to call her Katniss from Hunger Games. She just doesn't look like a Katniss, plus I am not yelling that out the back door!! I suggested Rue from Hunger Games or Madge. The final say is Jessica's of course, but the rest of us have to live with it too. Any name suggestions?


Sarah said...

Such a cute cute dog!! Love the semi curly tail! Rue is such a cute name. I had a dog named LaRue- made me always feel so sophisticated!!

The first dog sort of has the head of my beagles, maybe he has a little beagle in him.

Rose Anne said...

this totally just a gut feeling but what about Foxy!

megan said...

I think Rue is a cute name or you could just call her "Kat" now wouldn't that be confusing. LOL