Friday, April 13, 2012

Track Meet

Yesterday was Adam's district track meet. I was going to take pizza for the team but the coach said no pizza. I bought $109 of junk food--oatmeal pies, Swiss rolls, pringles, Doritos, sun chips, juice bars, carrots, bananas, four kinds of chip ahoy cookies, coke, dr pepper, 3 kinds of Gatorade, cheese sticks, Reese miniatures etc. They were there from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. ish so it was all gone. Seems like the pizza would have made more sense since they were there all day and had several hours between events sometimes.

Adam had to be there at 9:00 a.m. I was told he'd run at 1:30 in preliminaries but his events went straight to finals so he didn't run until 4:30 and again around 6:30.

Start of the one-mile run.

Adam finished 6th, but had to finish in the first four to go on to regionals. He has a good chance of doing that next year.

He also ran the 800. I'm not sure how he placed in that, but he didn't make the cut for regionals. We'll get his times later.

Adam outran this guy to get first in his heat, but he was in the slower heat. This is his first year. We're hoping he makes regionals next year. He also couldn't do any field events because they were mostly Saturday mornings and he had Saturday school the past 8 weeks because he did not pass the reading FCAT his first three tries. He just retook it this week, so we're hoping he passed and that it's behind him now.

I spent over 6 hours at the meet just wandering around taking pictures and watching the different events. These high school kids are amazing.


BIG DOG said...

Good try Adam!

Kat- where are my snacks??!!

BIG DOG said...

Good try Adam! We are proud of you!