Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Dance Photos

I picked up the proofs for the dance photos last night at the studio.
This is Jasmine's jazz costume.

Jessica is in tumbling 3, Jasmine is in jazz and tap. The twins are in tumbling 1. There were more classes we wanted to be in but the cost can get really out of control, and in the fall the kids play soccer so we didn't want to overload them. I don't think they really did a very good job positioning the kids in this picture. Kayla blocks out Jasmine and they have Jessica turned differently. I've seen some really cute group photos so I'm wondering why they didn't put a little creativity into this one.

The twins will tumbling to the Angry Birds song. This photo came out really cute.

This is Jasmine's tap costume. I like this photo a lot too.

FCAT testing is over. We have first grade animal habitats still to do. Shy wanted to help! But I don't think he can pass for a dolphin.

Jasmine has the rough draft of her tropicana speech contest written and now needs to mostly memorize it.

Jessica is in finals this week and next. If she passes them all, she'll have her AA in criminology.

Recital is May 25. There are two very long dress rehearsals the Sunday and Wednesday before that.

What's ahead for you?


One Crowded House said...

love the pictures!

end of year stuff is wiping me out... can't wait for summer- when *I* get to make the schedule!!!!!

Sarah said...

I love the dance outfits!! Such cute pictures! I can tell Kaleb and Kayla have come a long way since coming home!