Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Typical Week

A pretty typical week here. The excitement of my week so far was watching the dino eggs hatch in the dino egg oatmeal!

Bought Adam a new outfit.

Took Jasmine and Kaleb to the park. Kayla could have come but she pulled six tags at school this week. Three Monday, one Tuesday, on Thursday. When they pull a tag, I have them write the rule they broke on one side of a piece of notebook paper. So break one rule, write one side. Break three rules, write three sides. It is supposed to be written the same day, and there is plenty of time in the evening to do that. She decided she was not going to write the rules. I don't get into a power struggle over it, but there are no privileges until they are written. So she stalled all week, then became very upset when we left for the park without her. But not upset enough to just write the sentences and be done. It is her turn to cook tonight, but if she doesn't finish the sentences, she will miss it.

It was just too beautiful of a day to stay home. We wanted to go to the beach Saturday, but it poured off and on all day. So the park Sunday afternoon was it for us.

I started reading Hunger Games on my kindle at the park. There's so much talk about the books and movie I thought I'd see what it was all about. Anyone read the books or go to the movie yet?

It was good to see him having fun.

Jasmine's class photo was yesterday. Her braids were all funky and I didn't have time to fix them. Just four big braids and I did them the night before but they twisted around in her sleep despite the hair cap. I'm sure her picture will be interesting!

The twins class pictures are today. Kayla's hair is still too short for braids, but I put four tiny twists with one bead each across the front. The twins didn't have to wear the school colors today, so they are both in spring clothes. Jasmine's school never has a uniform free day but they have about 12 colors of shirts to chose from instead of three.

Next up--Kaleb's class has an egg hunt, Jessica and I are taking Hungry Howies' subs and baked spaghetti to eat with Jasmine Friday, Adam is running a 5K Saturday and Jasmine and Kayla/Kaleb (not sure which) are running a 1/2 mile. And of course Sunday is Easter.

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