Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yesterday's Race

Yesterday was the Mardi Gras 5k and one mile run. Last year Jeff won the 5K, but he's in the army now. No one from our family ran the 5K, but Kaleb and Jasmine ran the one mile. They are in the front 3 and 4 over from the orange cone.

And they're off!

Jasmine is in the white shirt. The girl looking back beat her for first place.

Jasmine came in at 9.28 and was second in her age group. That's a bit faster than the church one mile run a few weeks ago.

Kaleb came in at 11.09 for second place. If he hadn't stop to dance and swing his coat around when he was almost to the finish line he would have been first. But still good.

They just got Mardi Gras beads for the prizes for the one-mile.

My winners.

The camera shut off on the video of Kaleb crossing the line! And my cannon isn't working now either. Do you suppose the cameras know we are leaving on a cruise in three weeks!

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One Crowded House said...

hmmm, stop and dance and swing the coat around- sounds like my house :)

Good job guys!