Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Acts of Kindness and Other Things

We made cards for teachers and grandparents.

Last Saturday was the Mardi Gras parade. Jessica is carrying the Florida flag.

We made taco soup for Rick's office for Monday.
And we made cookies for the teachers. Of course we had to taste them too.... Wouldn't want to give the teachers something that didn't taste right : )

Today Jasmine took taco soup to school for the 5th grade team of teachers.

Jessica and Jasmine took videos of each other. Jessica videotaped Jasmine singing Tyler Russel's song along with his CD for Rick's Sunday school class. And Jasmine video taped Jessica leading off the Mardi Gras parade carrying the Florida flag.


One Crowded House said...

I'm sure everyone is appreciating your sweet family's acts of kindness. That is wonderful!!

Hevel Cohen said...

So sweet of you... but your teachers actually accept home made treats? All of my colleagues and I pretty much just toss whatever home made treats come to us from our pupils... you can simply never know what happened in the process of making those treats. Who licked what and what was expired, what sticky hands carried what germs... and, in our case, what ingredient wasn't kosher.

Kathy C. said...

Yes, they actual eat them. We are very clean when we bake but I know what you mean. Anything touched or in the mouth gets immediately washed.

Our schools allow homemade treats but we have been in school systems before were everything had to be in a sealed package to be used.

Our taco soup uses ground beef and I've had one person not eat it because they don't eat red meat. Next time I took a small pot of the soup without the meat.

Karen said...

I love how you are raising your children to be kind, considerate and giving. You get ten gold stars today!