Friday, February 3, 2012

Everyday Stuff

Many people did a month of kindness in December, but we didn't because there's enough goodwill to go around in December but it's wearing thin by February. So we declared two weeks of kindness in February. Each day for the first two weeks of Feb, we will be doing something nice for someone else.

We started with each family member writing something nice about the others on a piece of paper and then gave it to them Feb 1. All the comments were written on the same sheet of paper for each person.

On February 2 the kids gave teachers pen bouquets they made. Not every child did this project. In order to do something extra like this, you have to be done with your work and be willing to cooperate and work together. I finished the first half of my devo book project--January 1- June 30--and sent that to my editor, so we celebrated with tacos.The red tacos are volcano tacos and are very hot (spicy).

Adam and Kaleb both chose all volcano tacos!
For the third day, we made brownies for the bus driver. Have to get every bit of chocolate!

Making cards to go with the brownies.
Unfortunately most of them got left behind in the chaos of getting out the door at 6:10 this morning. They won't be quite as fresh Monday.

Today we took dog food and treats to the lady who owns the mom and dad doggies to the puppy Jessica is getting. We also took laundry detergent. The family doesn't have a lot and doesn't have transportation either.

Update: Jessica ended up not getting the puppy because the lady just up and moved the week she was supposed to get it.

Daddy checks out his daughter.This was not a good thing to happen during our weeks of kindness!! An uninsured lady backed into me while I was parked. She said her window was fogged and she couldn't see my SUV. First, I was parked away from any other cars so their was no need for her to be backing anywhere near my SUV. Second, you drive uninsured. Third, if you can't see out your window, you don't back up. It is $931 of damage and I have to pay the $500 deductible. We will be attempting to get that from this lady. She already has to go to court for driving uninsured and got a ticket for reckless driving so she will probably not want to go to small claims court. Still, it is inconvenient because I have to leave the car to get fixed Monday and get a rental car.
Caspian just turned a year old last month. He is collector. Thankfully the toys in the kennel are his this time. He sleeps with two stuffed animals. But he goes into the other bedrooms and collects things. We will find underwear and socks from the boys' dirty clothes basket, small stuffed animals from everyone's rooms, and even his dog bed dragged into his kennel!
I think this puppy has springs in his feet, what do you think?

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Yes-I think he is very springy!!!