Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Next Three Weeks or so

Crazy times ahead. This is normally the week I'm at writer's conference. I would be leaving in the morning. But due to plans the next few weeks, I didn't feel like I could be away that long. Jessica for sure couldn't miss that much school.

Due to the adoption tax refund, we are going on the Karen Kingsbury cruise March 5-9. Rick, myself, Tyler, Jessica, Adam and Jasmine are going along. The twins will be with a neighbor who has a child in the same grade at the same school. Plus she works in the cafeteria so will right there to deal with any behavior issues. Those issues are not why the twins aren't going, though. They aren't going because my personal feeling is that children need to be older to get the most out of it. Especially with what it costs. They need to be able to do the excursions with us and the late night stuff so someone doesn't have to miss out to stay with them. It will give them something to look forward too. Neither Adam or Jasmine have been on a cruise. Our last one was about three years ago and it was a Girl's Get Away cruise so no boys could go. Jasmine was a little young.

We had Tyler and Jessica wait until they were 9 and 10 to go on a cruise. That was the perfect age. They were old enough to be trusted to go different places on the ship by themselves. They joined in the preteen activities or went to the pool and were responsible to meet back with us when (my mom and me) when they were supposed to. They were old enough to choose an excursion they would enjoy--Jessica and I went to a cool beach that had lots of activities and my mom and Tyler went to see a submarine.

Since this is a special Christian cruise, we'll be hearing Karen Kingsbury speak each day and will be hearing Matthew West, Mandissa and Anthem Lights. I don't have to worry about inappropriate activities or entertainment.

So, anyway, Jessica, Jasmine and I are going to leave Friday afternoon and drive most of the way to where the conference is at. We are going to conference just Saturday and half of Sunday. Then we are headed to Kissimmee to meet up with a group of adoptive moms of children with attachment issues or who just need a break from dealing with life.. There are about 90 of them getting together. They do this each year. I know at least three of them from bloggy world. They are from all over the U.S. Extreme corners of the U.S. so this is my one chance to meet them in person.

From there we will head down to Miami. The guys will meet us there. Then on Monday we set sail, and we return Friday. Some of the group is heading straight home (it's about 14 hours so they won't drive straight through--especially since neither Adam nor Tyler drive) due to work or school commitments. We are pulling all of them out of school for this, but the ones here have spring break the very next week. However, Tyler has spring break a week later so he has to get back. Rick and Adam have work commitments. The girls and I are going to spend a couple of days at Disney. We all (except Tyler) have annual passes and want to make sure we use them all we can. It's 6 1/2 hours from our house, but we go almost right by it going home from Miami.

So I'll be gone about 11 days total spread over three different weeks--more than I'm used to being gone at one time. I'm sure I'll be very glad to get back home. And have clean laundry. And see my twins again. And spend some time with them since we'll be into spring break by time we get back. And then we go get Tyler for his spring break the next week.

Right now there are big trucks outside because I'm getting a gravel driveway put in.

This is what our driveway looks like now.

The dogs will miss their mini pool.

Stay tuned!

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Felicia said...

Have a great time on your cruise! You have a busy few weeks ahead of you. Where is the dog going?

Kathy C. said...

The neighbor watching the twins in only a block away so both dogs and both cats will stay here. I think she is actually planning to stay down here with the twins at night to make things easier. We have more room.

One Crowded House said...

wow- fun times!!!

Tara said...

We are also in FL (Tallahassee), just wonder if you may be in the panhandle, given the distance to Disney for you. Love reading your blog. We are in the process of adopting a 2nd sibling group from foster care (we are not fostering them). Tara