Friday, February 10, 2012

More Acts of Kindness and Other Stuff

We are continuing to do something nice for someone every day until Valentine's Day Third day of taco soup. We made it for Rick's office, Jasmine's teachers and the twins' teachers.

Jessica took these cookies to Explorer's last night, and the twins and Jasmine took them to school today for the office ladies and whichever special area teacher they had today.

Last night the Secret Keeper Girls team were in town. This is Jasmine with her school teacher. She is blessed with a Christian teacher this year.

Trying on a Secret Keeper's shirt.

Jasmine and Mrs. Ginger, our children's minister.

We took over the men's restroom too : ) Pink, white and purple balloons? You just can't disguise a urinal.

Okay, I just can't end on that photo. So I'll add one more.

My little Jazzy is becoming quite the tomboy. I got her these boy's Shaq's for $15. She's not a pink person and she now chooses black pants for church over dresses. She adorable in dresses but if she'd prefer the pants, that's fine too. I hated dresses growing up and I had to wear them to school and every church service. It was freezing cold waiting for the school doors to open in the winter and we were all out there in dresses and panty hose. And I really hated wearing a dress to go to our neighbor's church on Wednesday nights when they had games and stuff and all the other girls were in jeans. As long as my girls are appropriate, I don't try to make them be someone or something they are not.

Tomorrow Jasmine and Kaleb are running in a one-mile run. Jessica marches in the second Mardi Gras parade, and Adam has Saturday school. He has to go the eight Saturdays leading up to the reading FCAT because he has failed it at least twice so far. It's not that he is not capable. I am pretty sure that with having to do this, he will make an effort to pass it.

So what are all of you doing this weekend?

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Felicia said...

Strange, there were comments her the other day when I couldn't get mine to post. This weekend my main objective is to get Larissa's hair redone and to survive! I don't know how you find the time to do all that baking, I am lucky to get dinner ont he table!